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The question of sex in human-life is very importent. Gene has made a reference to Kamsutra, while discussing HS Chapter 14th. Gene has expressed that in America, the people think that Indians know much better about the sexual-life and  has given the basic book on sex, the Kamsutra. There are thousands of books all over the World, on Science of Sex. Each one has been written according to the view-polnt of the particular auther. One common-basic point in all these writings is the reader's feelings of exitment. The human being gets over-joyed when he/she reads about sex or even hear about the word sex. There is no bar of the age,male or female. All young/old/man/woman/hijara is naturally stuned on the discussion about sex. Actually speaking, without sex this physical world would be non-existence. Till this body is there, sex is going to be there.

 I can say from my own personal experiances at the age of 67, that I myself have not yet been fully free from sex. I do try my level best to be free from sex. I am sexually aware when I live on the mere physical awakning. When I try to grow in the vertical direction, I mean when I am awakened to the higher faculties, like mind and beyond mind, sex urges go to the side-line autometically, but it does exist. Gandhiji was so much careful about sex, that although, he took the vow of Brahamchrya at a young age, but he had carried on his experiments on Brahmchrya, till the last last phase of his life. 

Positive thing about human being is, that he/ she is the only social animal that is gifted with three faculties, i.e. physical, mental and spiritual. No other animal has been gifted with this rare gift by nature. Our limitation is that we live in this world mostly on one or at the most two, physical and mental level. Why Gandhiji was not in favour of democracy because it is merely keep human body active at the physical level.That is why in the temple of democracy the rule of majority and minority governs.

This basically the Prakriti that the human being is born with, in origin is the Kama. Very rarely few people who constently try to go higher then mental faculty could reach that awakening and realized about the Reality of Life. Such rare people are kept in the category of gods and godesses. In Hindu traditions we see that even god is having his or her partner. For example Shiva-Parvati or Krishana and Radha. So, sex is essential for human being and other animal kingdom also. This is no special thing. In human society there are various rules and norms about sexuality. The only limitation with ordinary human being is that he or she looses the control over the mind and not been able to think beyond mind.

According to ancient Books of knowledge, Kama is one of the four basic elements to make the Life Cycle complete. Other three factor are Dharma, Artha and Moksha. People think that these four catagories of life has been religious tabos. Actually speaking, these four divisons of life are very scientific and rational. I will try to explain in the next Blog.













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Comment by Gene Chapman on November 27, 2011 at 22:27
It appears you answered questions her from Chapter 12 and 13. I'll go on now to Chapter 14 in the version I have.

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