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The basic limitation in understanding Gandhiji and his writings in Hind Swaraj is that in the modern world most of the formally educated people could understand things with the 'Word', power only. We hardly get a chance to unerstand the World Within. The reality of the World can be understood with both the sides, Inside and Outside World. Infact if we are able to unerstand the outside World with the help of Inside World then we can be near to the Reality. So long as we are in this body we cannot realize the Reality fully. It is only when this body whither away, we can become whole and emerge fully into  the Reality.

Why Gandhiji was not in favour of democretic-system because, it totally depends on outwardly spoken Words. The most powerful instrument of democretic system is the country's Parliament. What usually is going on in side this temple of democracy? It is just the exchange of the Words. Seldom any wisdom is talked about. That is why Gandhiji was not in favour of democretic-system. It was a good system in the 18th  Century to replace barbaric systems. But today in the age of IT, this world has become just a tiny ''global village''. In today's global village, this democretic  system is completely outdated. That is why Gandhiji placed the better system than democracy. He proposed the 'Swaraj'. Gandhiji used this word because it has close ties with the Inner- World also. It helps the human being to both the worlds Inner and Outer.

Actually speaking the fault is not merely with the people who are active part of this system, I mean the World Leaders.{or missleaders}. The basic fault is with the masses. It is because of their liturgy and ignorence. As soon as these two 'Tamogunas' are converted into 'Rajoguna' things will change over night. The latest example is of Shri Anna Hazare on the issue of Jan Lokpal Bill. So it is a matter of self determination. Gene Chapman, a youngman from different culture, has been interested in sinserely to understand this innovative idea of Inner and Outer Worlds, i.e. Hind Swaraj.

All the violent-disputes that have been going on in this World are mostly because of this liturgy and ignorence. Unfortunately, all the real genuine issues are always put into the side tracks. This is what is the outcome of the defunked democretic system. In the name of the democretic system this cut throught compition for material gains has been domenating all over this world. This is the gratest tragidy   

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Comment by Biju Negi on November 29, 2011 at 1:59

Agree that it is important to re-read, re-understand and re-interpret Hind Swaraj (and indeed Gandhi himself) - in order to realize the timeless value of his thoughts and observations.

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