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In 1921, the annual Session of the Indian National Congress met at Ahmedabad. Mr. Mavlankar, who later became the Speaker of the Indian Parliament was the secretary of the Reception Committee as well as the Provincial Committee. He had ordered large quantities of hand-spun, hand-woven cloth (khadi) for the decoration of the dais and the delegates' enclosures. The payment for the cloth had to be made in instalments every day. The daily instalment was around Rs. 15,000 from the Bombay Provincial Committee. The amount had not come for many months, in spite of his reminders. The balance of the money with him had come down so low that he was greatly worried. He would not be able to make further payments if the money did not come. Luckily for him, Gandhi was going to Bombay at that time. So he explained the desperate situation to Gandhi and requested him to talk to the Bombay Committee and get the money sent the very day he reached Bombay. He also requested Gandhi to send him a telegram to relieve him of his anxiety. Gandhi agreed. Mr. Mavlankar waited for the telegram. None arrived, and his anxiety increased no bounds. He concluded that Gandhi must have forgotten. Gandhi had gone to Bombay for some very important matters, and the matter that Mr. Mavlankar had entrusted to him was a small matter in comparison to what was Gandhi's main concern in Bombay. But the next day, Mavlankar got a letter from Gandhi. It contained a telegraph form with a telegram that Gandhi had drafted for submission to the telegraph office. At the back of the telegraph form was Gandhi's letter or note. "Dear Mavlankar, I know I am prolonging your anxiety for twenty-four hours. But today being a holiday the telegram charges would be rather higher. As the money will surely be remitted, I preferred to save the telegram charges even if it meant continuation of your anxiety for some hours."
Source: G. V. Mavlankar Recited in Incidents Chandra Shanker Shukla
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