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Sub: Indian Agri Lands, Farm lands, Plantation Lands protection bill


Ref: Infrastructure Projects Boom- Forest and Agri Lands loss and Food production decline


The last decade has seen unprecedented Industrialization and development in India, but at what cost is the big question. We are seeing all over India the conversion of agri lands for one or the other type of infrastructure. Bangalore was surrounded by fertile farm houses which used to supply the needs of Bangalore city, but today we have no such farms as thousands of acres of this farm lands have been destroyed.


The population of India is 1500 plus million and is increasing if we go on destroy the agri lands what will happen to the production of farm products and how to feed this people.


We are also seeing that self sustained villages are vanishing the populations all going to cities in search of they live in slums and squatters, they used to lead simple life in villages but the loss of farm lands has made them migrate.


Chikkabalapur, Doddabalapur, hoskote, whitefield etc.  around 30 years was producing so much agri produce, there was green economy, now because of greedy development, housing projects, industrialization, entertainment centres etc. now even drinking water has become a problem. Also please look into the following tragedies


  1. Huballi Ankola rail link 1000 plus acres
  2. Bangalore Mysore six lane, 1300 acres
  3. Industrial Corridors
  4. New Ring Roads
  5. Goa International airport
  6. Rajmundry airport expansion 800 plus acres
  7. Express ways expansion all over India through dense forests
  8. Expansion of ports and harbors
  9. New IITs and IIMs proposed for 2016 in 6 cities
  10. New AP capital 40,000 acres of fertile, irrigated agri lands
  11. Smart cities in 100 places each on minimum some thousands of acres
  12. Chamrajanagar, Karnataka,  Industrial Park in more then 2000 cares
  13. Projects being sanctioned in Himalayan Eco sensitive zones
  14. IIT and IIM sanctioned in 2015 lands needed  2000 plus acres
  15. IIT and IIM sanctioned in 2014 Budget 2000 plus acres all over India
  16. Mysore Development authority and others private builders  greed to develop sites and acquiring 10000 plus acres of lands
  17. KIADB 4000 plus acres around Bangalore for newer IT parks and 3000 acres for Mumbai Bangalore IT corridor
  18. Mushrooming educational institute of politicians and industrialists 10 to 100 acres
  19. New Andhra Pradesh Capital Amravathi 5000 to 50000 acres
  20. In Bangalore and outskirts mushrooming housing projects sites, villas, penthouses etc. by hundred plus builders and associates ranging from 5 to 100 plus acres
  21. New BEL factory at Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh 1000 acres
  22. New Railway tracks in reserved forests of Madhya Pradesh 75 plus hectares
  23. Proposed mekedatu dam in Karnataka 2500 acres of forests
  24. IT sezs expansion in Bangalore and surroundings
  25. Housing projects on 100 to 500 cares at Mysore and other places
  26. Hassan- Bantwal national highway expansion announced to destroy thousands of acres of agri, plantation and other lands
  27. New Air bases, naval yards etc… planned
  28. Conversion of state highways of Karnataka to National highways, Mysore  Bangalore road to be expanded by acquiring 500 acres of fertile agri lands
  29. Finance minister telling 1 trillion investment on infrastructure has to be pushed fast for development of India
  30. Mysore airport to be expanded by acquiring 80 plus acres of land, new layouts formed in mysore, Hassan and other cities by destroying agri lands
  31. In Bangalore the politico land sharks who have grabbed thousands of acres of land to develop layouts, and even now this ugly trend has not stopped.
  32. Special expert team proposed by various state governments to clear infrastructure projects
  33. Karnataka Government craze for developing more cities, airports
  34. In Jamnagar, Gujarat and their states fertile agri lands given to reliance and other companies destroying the food security
  35. The last 10 years of Central Government Rule has destroyed 5 lakh acres of Forests in India
  36. NHAI notification in 30/01/1014 Hassan to South Cannara road expansion which will destroy the green coffee and other plantations in thousands of acres of lands, forests, areca, etc.
  37. NHAI new notification in Vijaya Karnataka news paper for road expansion in Kollegal, Bandipur, etc. destroying agri and forest lands.
  38. SEZ in Haryana, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh
  39. Posco clearance will destroy the forests of Orissa
  40. New airport in Kerala set to destroy hundreds of cares of fertile paddy lands
  41. The road width if increased from 30 to 45 in Kerala and other states as part of NHAI road widening will destroy thousands of acres of agri lands, forests, plantations etc.
  42. Karnataka Govt allowing industries to buy farm lands
  43. Civil Aviation Ministry telling that Mysore airport will be expanded after acquiring lands.
  44. Karnataka Govt clearance of new SEZ parks near Bangalore International Airport
  45. Clearance for expansion of naval project near Mangalore
  46. NHAI notifications for lands acquisitions in all papers, including the green belt zone (Mangalore to Goa)
  47. Cabinet clearance of new Chennai Bangalore expressway at cost of 1 lakh plus acres or more
  48. Pallavaram Hydro project 4,000 hectares of forests  +  hectares of agro lands
  49. Tatas steel plant in Karnataka
  50. Proposed Delhi Mumbai New Industrial Corridors
  51. Massive new SEZ planned and being approved all over India
  52. 1 trillion dollars, NHAI gives regularly notices of land acquisition both agri and forest for their per day 20 kms express way construction
  53. Agri rich Punjab, Harayana, western UP massive diversion of agro lands to projects
  54. Posco plants in Orissa and Karnataka 10,000 acres
  55. Mangalore SEZ and Naval Base 8000 acres plus
  56. Lavasa project on 10,000 acres
  57. Ambi Valley on 5000 plus acres
  58. Jaitapur project on 10,000 acres
  59. Kanyakumari Nuclear Project
  60. Notorious new Navi Mumbai airport set to kill mango grooves and other greenery of 500 plus acres
  61. UP express ways destroying 1800 acres Plus, plus other planed express way
  62. NICE project 25,000 acres
  63. 40,000 acres in Karnataka for steel companies
  64. A P project destroying 2000 plus acres
  65. Bangalore Development Authority wants to establish new multiple layouts and the land they require is more than 15,000 acres.
  66. BDA wants to develop peripheral and other roads for which they need 3,000 plus acres
  67. Mysore development Authority and other towns they all want lands of more than 200 acres for townships
  68. KIADB and other Karnataka Government agencies wants more than 1 lakh acres land for their industrialization, power plants, SEZs, etc.
  69. Near Nandi Hills 10,000 cares for IT corridor.
  70. New airports are planned in Bellary, Punjab (2 international airports), Meerut, Maharastra etc.
  71. Karnataka Govt is planning to give 1600 acres for a entertainment city and they per day require 9 lakh liters of water
  72. In. T. N. (TIDCO Web site) more than 10 SEZ are in pipeline.
  73. National Highway Authority wants to build per day 20 kms expressway and 1 kms expressway consumes minimum acres of land.
  74. In Orissa one Vedanta group, POSCO they are demanding more than 30,000 plus acres of agro and forest lands.
  75. The railways wants more land for more doubling work.
  76. Many private builders want to build very luxurious townships catering to the rich and elites, Jaiprakash/ DLF / Shobha/ Brigade/ etc.
  77. The list is endless (Please visit the Ministry of environment for projects approval) , also please visit the Ministry of National Highways to see the Land acquisition.


Dear all concerned my deep concern is if prayer to you all is if each day agro land is destroyed, “farmers and rural economy will decline”, farmers have to migrate for jobs, agro, livestock, dairy, floriculture etc. will all decline. What happens is agro produce will decline, prices will raise the growing cost of food prices all will affect. The ever increasing pressures of the city is because of migration from villages.


The Massive Industrialization dreams of Karnataka or any other state requires so much water, power where will we get the water, what about the power and how to destroy the pollution , wastage which these industries generate.


Developments in say Kerala, Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka Western Coasts each development will destroy hundreds of coconut trees, mango, Jackfruit, etc. thus overall decline in produce, this applies to all other produce.


The Agri belts of Punjab, Haryana, UP, AP etc. the excessive diversion of fertile lands to industries will completely erode of food security.


Dear all is not Gandhian Simple living and Rural Industry the right concept without disturbing the sound, strong sustainable agri forest economy.


My humble prayer to all is please initiate debates, TV channels conduct shows to elicit views about this impact, my request to Govt of India is please fix up percentage and don’t at any cost dilute it like to pass the bill in parliament titled “Indian Agri Lands, Farm lands, Plantation Lands protection bill”


Total Land in India

100 units

Agri /Grass lands, Dry lands, Wet lands etc..

40 Units

Forests, parks, Mango grooves, etc.

40 units

All development, mining, sez, infrastructure etc.

20 units


Please I beg with folded hands to help the Indian Agro and forest eco systems and see all humanity and lives get good food, water, etc.


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