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Poem written by Gandhiji on Independence

Poem written by Gandhiji on Independence

[15th August 2014 is India's 67th Independence day]

Gandhiji dreamed of his free India in its essentials embodied in a song that was sung at one of his evening prayers in Bhangi Colony, New Delhi. It gripped him. He translated it into English and had it sent to Lord Pethick-Lawrence. It was as follows:


We are inhabitants of a country

where there is no sorrow and no suffering,

Where there is no illusion nor anguish,

no delusion nor desire,

Where flows the Ganges of love

and the whole creation is full of joy,

Where all minds flow in one direction,

and where there is no occasion for sense of time;


All have their wants satisfied;

Here all barter is just,

Here all are cast in the same mould,

Here is no lack nor care,

No selfishness in any shape or form,

No high no low, no master no slave;


All is light, yet no burning heat,

That country is within you—

It is Swaraj, Swadeshi!

The home within you—

Victory! Victory! Victory!


He realizes it who longs for it.

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