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                                               By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM


The Vice-Chancellors Meet made a decision unanimously on 18 February 2016 that all Central Universities will fly the National Flag on their campuses at a prominent place. The flag post will be 207 ft high and the big flag will weigh 165 Kg. The underlying idea is to have a national symbol to inspire the student community, some of whom have been going astray lately. The Jawaharlal Nehru University could not control the outburst of a section of its students that went against the grain of Patriotism and Nationalism. Slogans were raised on the JNU campus lionizing a hanged terrorist and misusing freedom of speech right some of them raised rabid slogans calling for destruction of the Republic of India. Disgraceful conduct it was of those rabid rabble rousers encouraged by a section of faculty having anti-national leanings.

Apparently there is something drastically wrong with the University education that the fire started by some Kashmiri separatists in JNU has now spread to Jadavpur University in West Bengal. It is shameful indeed that a few political parties arte fanning the fire. It goes without saying that the discredited political elements who lost at the hustings are now bent upon taking revenge against the Nation itself by supporting the anti-national elements all over the country.


The glaring anti-India sentiments of some communist academicians and protagonists of religious minority communities said that asking the Universities to hoist the National Flag was an intrusion into their autonomy. A kashmiri woman shed crocodile tears over the ignoring of her Muslim community by ordering hoisting of the National Flag at the present juncture when movement of Azadi or independence was spreading its wings. She wrongly said that India was for Hindus alone. Of course, she was singled out and left without any support from the group and chastised.

Our sworn enemy Pakistan is unable to hide its glee over the division of the Indian society on the ideological lines. They see it as an opportunity to overpower a weakened India. No wonder some intelligence agencies clearly see the hidden hand of inimical Pakistan in fomenting trouble in the universities to weaken the support of the Youth to the Indian national causes. It is indeed surprising that the sections of academicians opposed to solidarity of nationalist Indian groups are playing the cards of Pakistan against their own motherland.

The Human Resource Development Ministry headed by Smriti Irani took the appropriate step in making the flying of National Flag in all central universities mandatory. It is heartening to note that the Modi government has received the unanimous support of all the Vice-Chancellors of the Meet who passed a resolution unanimously to hoist the National Flag prominently on their campuses.


It is time the legal fraternity, both the bench and the bar, stepped in and supported movement for the unity and integrity of India. It is not the time that they looked into the legal loopholes to jeopardize the nationalistic movement like hoisting of the national flag and encouraging patriotic fervor by rubbishing frivolous legal complaints against those who stand for the National Spirit. The pro-Pakistan sections that are hell bent to weaken Indians must be isolated here and now. Their nefarious designs that are anti-national must be nipped in the bud.

Time to act is NOW. We must neutralize the pro-Pakistan people who raise dead issues like hanging of terrorist Afzal Guru and call for death to the Indian Republic. Now that the foreign office of Pakistan has made its stand clear in support of separatists and terrorists who are out to weaken the will of India to subdue anti-national elements, the Government of India must think a proposal to sever diplomatic ties with the enemy across the border.

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