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                      MOHAN THE BRAVE PARA COMMANDO

                                            By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM



I recall reading the citation of the brave Para Commando of the Special Forces on the ZEE NEWS on 26 January 2016 eulogizing his bravery in killing TEN Islamic terrorists in Jammu & Kashmir and I felt proud of him when the Rashtrapati Shri Pranab Mukherjee presented the Ashoka Chakra to his wife Bhawana. To commemorate the Martyr Goswami of 9 Para, His Excellency Francois Holland of France and our Pradhan Mantri Narendra bhai Modi kept standing throughout the brief ceremony of presentation of the Ashok Chakra, the highest gallantary award given in peace time. So did the three Service Chiefs but not the Vice President of India, Hamid Ansari. He owes an explanation to the nation for this impropriety.

Commando Mohan Goswamy had taken a solemn vow that he would kill at least ten Islamist terrorists before making the supreme sacrifice for the cause of the country and he kept his word.

Bhawani recalls eight years of married life spent with Mohan and the sweet memories help her hold the tears in her eyes and prevent them from rolling down her cheeks. She knows that she has a mission in her life: to educate her seven year old daughter, Bhumika, and make her a doctor to serve the ailing poor men and women hailing from the hilly tracts of Uttarakhand, the place the Martyr's family hails from. To achieve the noble aim of educating her daughter, grieving mother , Bhawana wishes to be a post-graduate trained teacher in a secondary school.

What was it that made young husband of hers a brave soldier? Patriotism - love of Bharat Mata, says Bhawana. Of course, other patriots believe he avenged buddies who had been done to death in a cruel and treacherous manner by Islamist terrorists who entered our country surreptitiously from across the border. Brave Mohan followed the advice of Mohan of yore, Yogeshwar Shri Krishna given to archer Arjun just before the conch shells were sounded to commence mother of all battles, the Mahabharat.

Yogeshwar Shri Krishna advised all warriors through archer Arjuna, go into a battle with Determination and Decisiveness. “ YUDHAY KRIT NISHCHAYAH”- these were the parting words of Lord Krishna to all warriors who wish to achieve victory and laurels. Para Commando Mohan Goswamy of the Special Forces did precisely that and slaughtered ten terrorists. Bravo!

Back home in Uttarakhand, every child, every adult both men and women sing songs of bravery of Para Commando Mohan Goswamy. The martyr deserves every word that has been said or sung in praise of his chivalry. May more like this Mohan come to the forefront to kill terrorists and traitors who plan ill of our motherland.

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