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“The cyclone has passed but the real struggle for us starts now. I have
nothing left to start my life and have no idea how I will survive now”

The State is now under the spell of both the cyclone and flood.  The human causality caused by cyclone  on 12th October officially reported 21 and by flood 23 people . Review reveals that flood situation which arose in 5 districts because of heavy rainfall during cyclone and in upper streams of the rivers of Budhabalnaga in Mayurbhanj , Baitarani in Keonjhar and Subaranarekha in Balasore have damaged many houses, crop and the communication. The water has started receding back in Budhbalanga and Baitarani; and, it is expected that situation will further improve. But because of the  heavy discharge of water from Jharkhand and slow release of water to the sea due to ensuing full moon, the flood situation in Balasore district is expected to propel for 3 to 4 days. Around 184 GPs , 930 villages and more than 7 lakh people have been affected in Balasore and Mayurbhanj districts because of flood.  Near about 68,000 people have been taken to safe places from flood affected areas of this district. In 1st phase of the flood, the blocks like Bhogarai, Jaleswar , Basta, Dhamanagar, Remuna,  Balasoresadar and Bhndaripokhari in Balasore district and Badasahi, Baripada municipality, Kuliana, Betnoti, Rashgovindpur, Kaptipada, Gopabandhunagar in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha were inundated.
The first hand information available shows that the recent disaster of both the cyclone and flood have affected 148 blocks, 2009 GPs, 16487 villages and 43 urban local bodies. Around 1,19,03,654 people have been affected and crop loss has taken place in around 6,25,408 hectors. Till now 3,33,070 dwelling houses have been reported damaged. The cattle causality
The cyclone Phailin hit Odisha Coast at about 8.30 to 9PM on 12th October near Gopalpur in the district of Ganjam. Before hitting of cyclone all people from vulnerable areas were evacuated for which the human causality could be minimized to 21, out of which 2 persons had died before the cyclone reached the landmass. Near about 8,73,646 people have been evacuated to flood and cyclone centers in the affected districts. As per the first hand information 99 Blocks, 1895 GPs, 14,514 villages, 39 ULBs and 80,53,626 people have been affected. Near about 2,34,000 kachha houses in Ganjam district have been damaged. Addl. Eye estimate reveals that crop in about 5 lakh hectares has been damaged the value of which has been estimated to be 2300 crore. Out of 25 reported human causalities there are 2 deaths in Ganjam, 2 in Khurda, 1 each in Puri, Jagatsinghpur and Balasore.
Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow but the boat is waiting for all of you to reach the unreached
These following are the latest updates,
18 Districts are affected by Phailine cyclone and flood in Odisha
South Odisha was affected by Cyclone ( Ganjam,Gajapati ,Koraput)
Central Odisha affected by Cyclone too covering the districts of (Khurdha,Puri,Kandhmal,Kendrapara,Jagatsinghpur,Cuttack ,Boudh and Jajpur .North Odisha affected by Cyclone and heavy flood .(Balasore,Mayurbhanj,Bhadrakh & Keonjhar .
Cyclone Phailin and its effects have ruined the back bone of the people’s economy.
44 people are died in various rain-related and cyclone-related incidents 39 towns and cities are affected
Over 15,000 villages affected; over 1,900 gram panchayats affected
Over four lakh hectare agricultural land affected
Relief and rehabilitation work commenced
Over 1.2 crore people affected directly or indirectly by the cyclone and flood

Abstract of Status Report on Cyclone “PHAILIN” Followed by Flood
Many civil societies and civic bodies are engaged in rescue and relief programme since 13th of October but the massive damage in South Odisha and North Odisha can not be restored in short time.OPRF in Bhubaneswar and MDRF in Mayurbhanj forums of civil societies are formed to work unitedly for the Phailine cyclone and flood victims . The condition of the healt of children, pregnant women,disables and old people are the worst sufferor . livelihood of the poor people , Reconstruction of villages and rebuilding the houses and rehabilitation of the victims in the region is a big challenge for all of us and appeal kind hearted individuals, voluntary organisations ,civil societies and Gandhian organisations to extend helping hand in this endeavour.
We the Voluntary organisations , Gandhians and the Civic bodies of the region appeal the kind hearted people and organisations to extend helping hand in any form of (Material, Financial and Shramadan) for the restoration of normal life of the affected people.
ACM visited the affected areas of Mayurbhanj and Balasore for a rapid assessment and has come up with specific immediate programmes .
Baby food and other food for children, pregnant, and old people required urgently .
Safe drinking water and ORS to prevent diarrhoea and water borne is another pressing need.
Those families who have lost everything, would urgently need a kit with basic materials like utensils, sanitary napkins, match box, candles, torch light (and batteries), nail cutter, water purification tablets, jerry can, etc.
Health camps are being planned for the people as continuous rain may cause health hazards which need attention of the relief team .
Temporary shelter in shape of tarpaulins, clothes and blankets for the victims will save them from further cold and rain.
Proposed Plan :
Number of Families to cover :3000 Families of North Odisha ( Balasore & Mayurbhanj)

Immediate Relief : The immediate relief operation already lunched with local collection and available fund of the organisation in a small scale .

We the Voluntary organisations, Gandhians and the Civic bodies of the region appeal the kind hearted people and organisations to extend helping hand in any form of (Material, Financial and Shramadan) for the restoration of normal life of the affected people.
Name of the Organisation : Antyodaya Chetana Mandal ,
Rangamatia, Rashgovindpur, Mayurbhanj,Odisha,757016
Contact Person: Aditya Patnaik, Secretary
Telephone: 0091-9437060864
Email Id: and

Bank Account: Antyodaya Chetana Mandal
Bank Name: United Bank of India, Branch Baripada ,Mayurbhanj ,Odisha,India Bank Account Number: 0250010103444 IFSC Code: UTBI0BPD422 Swift Code: UTBIINBBBBS 12 A Registration No: Tech.12A/314/2007-8 Income tax 80 G : TIT/CTC/tech/80-G/2007-08/3523 PAN NO : AAA TA 6128M FCRA No: 104990002
With warm regards ,
Aditya Patnaik

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