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Gandhi sought the spinning wheel as a means of economic liberation for the masses of simple, humble, Indians. The point was that it was bread labor.  It was also a source of prayerful work.  It was honest, prayerful, bodily labor.  It was a source of liberation because it didn't require the exclusivity of education, money, talent, or status to liberate.

What could be an equivalent tool of liberation today?  What is it we are enslaved by?

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According to my self, liberation must be of one attaining spiritual liberation from all physical, worldly matters or else he must liberate one self with in the material world by performing his duties devotedly. Gandhi's life had been possesed with this kind of dualism. His is saintly, ascetic life in principle and practice even as he performed for liberating millions of people from ignorance, violence and enslavery. Spinning wheel he used for economic liberation and self-reliance for the nation was the rule of the day to sustain the freedom struggle movement. Physical labor was used as a force for liberating India, economic and political.

Even while living a ascetic life, he had to cope up with the growing westernization, industrialization and discouragement to run the freedom struggle movement. Today's world has much higher degree of technology-driven, fast-paced, mechanized living style. Even the free and liberal countries are enslaved by engulfing violence, gun-culture, hatred and power fightings. One has to cope up with such an atmosphere of living, yet step on to search for inner and outer peace to make life valuable. While practising spirituality gives inner peace, outer peace could be attained by our thoughts, words and actions which need to be good for the environment; good for the people. It needs an indomitable will power to carry this message of liberation to our enironment, society by whatever means possible. In order to carry on with the mission, one need not have to shun away from the material world - technology, pleasurly things, bondings etc., but to stay within itself.


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