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Subject:Women Studies/Gender Studies Paper: Women and economics
What is an informal sector- The concept of informal sector has been described in various ways? One way of describing the situation of workers and entrepreneurs in the informal sector is in terms of seven essential securities which are often denied to them:
• labour market security (adequate employment opportunities through high levels of employment ensured by macroeconomic policies);
• employment security (protection against arbitrary dismissal, regulation on hiring and firing, employment stability compatible with economic dynamism);
• job security (a niche designated as an occupation or “career”, the opportunity to develop a sense of occupation through enhancing competences);

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Comment by Prof. Vibhuti Patel on May 21, 2018 at 20:17

• work security (protection against accidents and illness at work, through safety and health regulations, limits on working time and so on);
• skill reproduction security (widespread opportunities to gain and retain skills, through innovative means as well as apprenticeships and employment training);
• income security (provision of adequate incomes); and
• representation security (protection of collective voice in the labour market through independent trade unions and employers’ organizations and social dialogue institutions (IO,2002).
This concept of informal Sector was first introduced by British anthropologist Keith Hart in 1971 during his study of economic activities among the rural migrants in Accra, Ghana. The concept later gained acceptance in the academic literature after the visit of an International Labour Organization (ILO) employment mission to Kenya in 1972.In 1993 United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC) endorsed the ILO evolved conceptual framework and guidelines for the collection of statistics on the informal sector and made it a part of the “System of National Account (SNA) 1993” by the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

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