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LIVE H2O-Concert for the Living Water: Background

This segment from Dr. Leonard Horowitz's DVD entitled, "The LOVE CODE Seminar: Musical Healing Celebration," previews the philosophy upon which LIVE H2O--Concert for the Living Water, is advancing.

On the Summer Solstice, 2009, human hearts worldwide will “marry” the “Universal Solvent”⎯Water⎯using the “Universal Language” ⎯music⎯to produce the “Universal Healer” ⎯LOVE. Celebrities, authors, and artists will grace nine main stages, and dozens of smaller venues, internationally, adjacent important bodies of Water. The unprecedented 72 hour interactive Internet ( broadcast will engage millions of people culminating in a “LOVE Water Experiment” on Sunday, June 21st. Musicians, vocalists, and audience will broadcast the LOVE frequency of 528Hz into the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams. This prayerful chant will last 81 minutes and will be joined by representatives from all major religions and Native cultures. Water celebrants worldwide will be singing, dancing, chanting, toning, drumming, and praying for Water’s preservation, purification, peace, and ending the political impositions of poverty, starvation, dehydration, and curable diseases using advances in Water science. The synchronized global prayer will cause the world’s Waters to become a virtual “LOVE potion,” so to speak—a homeopathic vibrating liquid crystal of LOVE that will be heart-felt by millions of people. This “Global Baptism” will, according to prophets and prophecies, return our global village to ecological sustainability and spiritual integrity.

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