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India's Independence Movement - Talk with freedom fighter Mr. Vimal Chandra Das

Mr. Vimal Chandra Das has been interviewed by Mr. Peter Ruhe (Founder-chairperson of GandhiServe Foundation, on 1 March 2005 at his residence in Mumbai, India. The talk is of 51 min 21 sec. and covers his involvement in India's independence movement led by Mohandas Karamchand Mahatma Gandhi. Summary: Born at Samadhapur (Bihar) in 1923 his father was accountant of a landlord but lost his eyesight at an early age. His father was then jobless but managed somehow to feed his family: wife and five children (two sisters and three brothers). He saw Gandhi after Bihar earthquake in 1934 when he came to a neighbouring village to inspect damages; relief work was organized by the Indian National Congress. He studied up to 7th standard at Singva village, took part in the socialist Kisan (farmers) movement in 1937 that formed part of the Congress. He worked in the office of Kisan leader Ramananda Mishra, spent three months in Varanasi where he got in touch with other freedom fighters... Id: mh082_viewing_edited Courtesy: GandhiServe Foundation – Mahatma Gandhi Research and Media Service, For personal, institutional and commercial use contact:

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Comment by GandhiServe Foundation on April 4, 2009 at 12:16
I copied the text from the Video Google page, where the video is hosted. I purposely spelled Gandhi wrong ("Ghandi") as it helps finding the video in the search engine by those folks who use the wrong spelling.

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