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Gandhi-King-Ikeda: Community Builders (2 of 3)

Three men, from three different cultures and continents, sharing the same common path of profound dedication and achievement
in improving the lives of all people. The exhibit features colorful photos, inspiring quotes, and factual information about Mohandas K. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Daisaku Ikeda. Amidst chaotic times, they sought to forge an existence filled with dignity, freedom and happiness.

Building Peace Without Violence

The Gandhi-King-Ikeda exhibit is a internationally renowned exhibit extolling humanist virtues and its champions. Though Gandhi, King and Ikeda each came from different ethnic and religious backgrounds, they have all shared a common vision. They have each, in their respective lifetimes, fought for non-violence, human rights and world peace: Mohandas K. Gandhi led the campaign against the colonial rule of the British Empire, Martin Luther King fought against the injustices and prejudice built against people of color in America, and Daisaku Ikeda encourages millions of civilians in the world to live a life of dignity and to work for world peace.

Gandhi, King, and Ikeda are men who have lived with principle, and who have based their action on non-violent means. The unique idea of having the three figures together as an exhibit is of particular significance because it reminds us that peace and justice exist beyond all human-laid boundaries.

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