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China has now urged the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama to “put aside his illusions” about talks on Tibet’s future and  China accused him of pushing for independence for Tibet. China has further said that  “the only sensible alternative is for the Dalai Lama and his supporters to accept that Tibet has been part of China since antiquity, to abandon their goals of dividing China and seeking independence for Tibet.” With sort of arrogance, China has further said that China occupying Tibet is irresistible historical tide.

The sad ground reality is that with it’s military power  and expansionist mindset, China sent it’s troops to unarmed Tibet and occupied the Tibetan territory, with least consideration for fairness in dealing with neighbour and with total disregard for world opinion. Thousands of Tibetans were slaughtered by China during the process of occupation and the respected Buddhist spiritual leader the Dalai Lama had to run away from Tibet fearing arrest, torture and humiliation by the Chinese troops. Fortunately, India gave asylum to the Dalai Lama. However, China became the successful occupier of Tibet.

The claim of China that Tibet is part of China historically is as untrue and mischievous interpretation, as it’s claim that Arunachal Pradesh in India is part of China. Past world history highlights several instances of aggressors claiming some other territory as their own and then sending  the troops to conquer the area. What China has done is no different. If China’s logic for over powering Tibet would be acceptable , then no country in the world could be safe and many countries can twist the history to claim the territory of the neighbours.

What is highly distressing is that no country  in the world  including India had the will and determination to fight against the injustice done to Tibet by China.  USA and western countries ,who claim that they swear by the democratic governance, rule of law and freedom, just made some cosmetic protests and then have conveniently chosen to remain silent, as China defied the world opinion to aggressively enter Tibet and occupied the country.  The  countries around the world remained  impotent and silently watched as the aggressor China succeeded in it’s acquisition of Tibet and the peaceful Tibetans were left to themselves to suffer or die or submit themselves to the military power  of China.

China’s act in Tibet is a case study to show that violence and war has succeeded and the protagonists of peace and fairness in the international relationships are mere paper tigers who can only roar but cannot bite and fight. China now has the last laugh as the world conscience remain silent, indicating that the evil has triumphed over good.

Why are the world governments silent, simply watching China’s aggressive behaviour in Tibet  and ignoring the plight of Tibetans and the need for fighting for freedom and fairness ? Obviously, the so called free countries like USA and several west European nations, who shout from the roof tops about their free governance credentials,  are primarily interested in their own economic and industrial interests. They ignore or tolerate China’s misbehaviour in Tibet,  as China provides them huge investment opportunity, a large marketing base with enormous resources.  In such circumstances, the plight of Tibet highlights the fact that the claim of western countries about  commitment to free governance  around the world  is  made in vacuum and are hollow.

It looks that China’s occupation of Tibet will continue for now.  However, the fact that the entire world conscience remained  silent  will not  be missed in the world history. The poor Tibetans who are helpless, frustrated and angry  will continue to fight in their own way ,inspite of the fact that so far they are unable  to make a dent in the world conscience , that would become strong to pose a challenge to China.

Government of China has been busy brainwashing  the present generation of Tibetans in Tibet about Tibet historically belonging to China and has been planting citizens of Chinese origin in Tibet to neutralise any dissent from the natives that may arise now or later.

However, let not the Tibetans lose hope wherever they are . India has been under British rule for around two  centuries when a man known as Mahatma Gandhi came on the scene to galvanise the submissive Indians and start a unique freedom movement that finally made Britain give independence to India and leave the country. Sooner or later, perhaps sooner than later,  some one will emerge in Tibet who will pose a challenge to China and have the courage and conviction to stand by the cause for Tibet and restore Tibet as an independent and sovereign country that it once was. Tibetans  have to keep their hopes and faith and wait for their day.


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