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It was six in the evening when our plane landed at Milan Airport. When the Wheelchair-Lady droped me outside in front of  the Arrival Area, an anxious-worried youngman approached me fearstriken-telling, I am here in Italy for the first time, have you come from Pakistan? By seeing my white beared he innocently asked me are are you a Musalman? I smiled and told him I am a human being first and I have come from Delhi. Please tell me your problem, I may be able to help you as my visits here are very frequently, this is my seventith visit to this country since 1984. He got confidient and gave a brief smile and told me that a family friend who lives in Italy has told me that he will come help me to get some work here in some factory, but he has not come and I am worried, that is why I am fearstriken. That is why I approached you. In the meantime my son Dr. Kapil reached at the spot to recieve me and I told him the problem of the youngman to whom I have been talking at that time. In the meantime this yougman got in touch with his friend on phone and his friend told him on phone that he is late as there is an accident and he is delaied. I told him that he need not worried he can come with me for the night. But his friend insisted him to wait for sometime he will be there, so the story ended happily here and he was happy and relaxed. A problem got solved with alittle confidence and cordielity and human- touch.





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