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Will Criminal background remain as an unattended criteria for selecting legislators?

Will Criminal background remain as a unnoticed criteria for selecting legislators?

Crime is like a disease, like any other malady, and is a product of the prevalent social system. Therefore, all crime including murder will be treated as a disease. Whether such an India will ever come into being is another question.... All criminals should be treated as patients and the jails should be hospitals admitting this class of patients for treatment and cure. No one commits crime for the fun of it. It is a sign of a diseased mind. The causes of a particular disease should be investigated and removed. - Mahatma Gandhi

Corruption and Crime - two demons that hamper our political system and governance. These two root into the common man's daily routines and lifestyle as well, damaging the whole purpose of our living laws.

Where as corruption is dealt with a separate legislation (LokPal and LokAyuktha), crime must also be dealt by keeping it away from politic. Persons with the criminal background must be kept away from assuming higher offices and participating in election process. The apex court order to enact this has been seen as an interference by many parties, both regional and at the national levels. The Government of Indias' soft-corner towards such a stance by politico in the form of an ordinance against the court order displays pathetic and hopeless state of affairs in the country.

And, it is not too late. The sudden awakening of Sh. Rahul Gandhi, MP and the Vice-Chairman of the INC condemning the ordinance gives a breather to the people who love clean, caring, corrupt-free, crime-free India. The punch and the conviction in his statement must be applauded considering its timing and changing circumstances prevailing in the country. Whatever be the criticism by the opposition, his timely intervention must be praised in spite of the possible unknown consequences that might follow. People of India believe that justice will be made upon the Prime Minister's return from the U.S. The ordinance must be immediately withdrawn with no hurdles. Law-breakers shall not become Law-makers!

As many speculate, it is not Rahul vs. PM or Rahul vs. Government or Congress vs. BJP. But, it is about People of India vs. Endorsing crime in politics.

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Comment by Balamurali Balaji on September 29, 2013 at 11:07
I agree with you. The identification must be constitutionally, lawfully acceptable. But whats happening with many cases is mere public acceptance allowing everyone including criminals in the politic.
Comment by NISHA BALA TYAGI on September 28, 2013 at 17:56
important issue non criminals should be identified first

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