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The very fist question Gandhiji raised before the Reder in Hind Sawraj is about the Congress. It was the year 1909. And also Gandhiji questioned about the very inception of the Congress by two British citizons, Williams and Hume. Gandhiji also raised question about the use of the word 'National' for  the first time in relation to political awakening. Also Gandhiji had been in close touch with the Revolutionary Youngs who had been persuing their study in England at that time. Gandhiji had himself admitted that the idea of writing Hind Sawraj came to him after he met and had detailed discussions with them in London. Although Gandhiji had not been at that time active in Indian politics as he was providing time to the racial problem of South Africa..

Gandhi had already experienced the rough treatment to the Indians. He had already decided to work for the Indenchered Indian labour who were beening treated like slaves. It was quite clear that Gandhiji had determined to lead the political movement for rights of Indians living in South Africa. This I had already written in the last Blog what he said when he got invitation to come back again to SA., in 1901-2. So, from the very begining of Gandhiji's political life he was quite clear of his ideology. Although he was aware of the fact that Congress will not follow him all the way. Still from practical purposes he was heading the Congress till the year 1934. It was the year 1935 that when Gandhiji's personal Resolution failed in the AICC, to accept Truth and Nonviolence as a Principle guidelines, he resigned from the Membership of the Congress.

All these facts prove to the hilt that Gandhji had a different goal alltogether. He wanted to show with all humility, what his Supreme Goal was and he worked through out his life on the founations of Srimad Bhagwad Geeta, its basic principle of Nishkamkarmyoga. It was this basic principle that made Gandhiji the soul force behind his every act that he was performing, publically and in his personal life through-out. This is what Sri Aurobindo Ghosh contomplated in his Sadhna to put Veda, Vedanta, Bhagvad Geeta and Yoga in to life. It will be revealing fact that whoever was in the forefront of political life in those days, had been deeply impressed by these books like Bhagvd Geeta and Yoga. For example it was B.G Tilak who was sitting in Mandley Jail writing his comentry on Bhagvad Geeta, the 'Geeta Rahasya'.

So, it was not only Gandhiji, but the entire lot was inspired by the such a grate litrature.











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