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Today the world is after Info-Tech. It is a good thing to have the latest information technology. It helps to know about our physical world. But it is a partial truth. Human being feels satisfies only with having information and not putting it into positive action, it makes him/her stagnated at the vertical growth level. It appears to be the global human crises in present times. The time is soon approaching that have we to move ahead from this impasse. The difficulties that we have been facing these crises are also the results of info-tech. It is apparently appearing. For example: in the electronic media the culture of “After the break” is constantly on the increase. Now, what info is being given in this break?

It is mainly of five types. Firstly, to boost the unnecessary needs and desires to satisfy
Body-instincts; secondly it promotes un-proportionately perverted sexual-hunger; thirdly, it enhances the unnecessary importance to physical body only, neglecting the higher mental and spiritual faculties. Fourthly, it highlights the material factors that make human beings outwardly glamorous which keep him or her occupied with the personal selfish goals of falls ego. Finally, it creates fear psychosis in human mind all the life, of insecurities and fear of Death. The result is human sufferings like AIDs, Cancer, heart-related problems and many other physical and mental diseases.

The human development is good. But it is also partial truth of life. Generally, in the wake and glamour of development, we often forget that the development is only possible in horizontal direction. Because it is Lenoir, therefore, it is limited. The limitation in the form of problem of Global Warming is already there before humanity. This problem needs immediate solution. Unfortunately, the scientists are unnecessary disputing this phenomenon and finding its solution is being delayed. It is not in favor of healthy growth of human existence.

Common masses have been busy in tackling in their day- to- day problems of bread and salt and therefore have no time to think at long-range issues confronting human existence.
We have been coming to a point of no return and there is not much time left. Fortunately, discussions are beginning to take place in the western countries, the so called fully developed world, People have started to think. In the western terminology, the developing world is still after the Western Development concept blindly.

We have to rethink. The basic problem of modern development is thinking and that too thinking positively. The real crisis before humanity is that of ‘positive thinking’. This is possible only when human being starts the process of “vertical growth” with the horizontal development. Both these processes have to go hand in hand simultaneously. How could this process be started is the real challenge before humanity. This is not difficult provided we have the will and the direction. Will power is individual’s concept, and direction has to be given by the society collectively. Both have to go hand in hand. There is no short cut what so ever in this process of development and growth.

The Western World has given this slogan of Modern Development in the eighteenth century. The beginning was from the steam engine that has reached to the latest development of palmtop. It has reduced the physical distance to almost zero. One can see the person in front of him talking from the farthest distance of the earth. The process of Development has given human being a beautiful device to minimize time and space in the physical perimeters. But the unfortunate part is the distance between him/her has widened from the actually inhabited person next door to him. This is the paradox that humanity is facing today. The global scenario today is that there are violence dispute between the two neighbors, internationally and locally. How to bridge this gap is a challenge of the present times. Here is the need of vertical-growth. Horizontal development alone would not help.

That is why Gandhi the idea is relevant today!

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Comment by Riccardo Gramegna on September 24, 2009 at 19:49
i fully agree with your analisis of the 'after the break' culture... that's the advertising industry purpose. It is governed by a very sophisticated intelligence whose goals are exactly those you mentioned. Using powerful instruments (media, marketing, statistics, pools etc.) identifies the weaknesses of the masses and creates ways to exploit them. Even the informations that comes in between the 'breaks' are chosen and manipulated by the same 'intelligence'. It has been and still is the generator that gives energy and power to the whole sistem of the western style of living. economy, political power.
The point is that the 'Illusion' is vanishing.. the western people are facing a different 'reality'... and are loosing faith and trust towards bank, political leaders, economists and advertisers. This is a basic symptom of the decay of that sistem, terminally ill, on its way to its apocalypse.
Apocapypse is not "the end of the world".. it means "revelation" .. it means that Truth will be unvailed, uncovered, exposed and a 'new world' .. a new age will start.
Would it be a truth about the banks,.. or the fact that man never put his foot on the moon.. or the tween towers was a selfcreated damage on a perverted plan... or any of the many untruths that have been used to deceive the whole world? That would be the end. And at the same time, the beginning of a better world.
Jai Jagat!
Comment by GOPI KANTA GHOSH on September 23, 2009 at 17:03
But are we not shifting away? I am sad to see even educated people are talking one is bothered about rural poor...I am working with two extremely poor groups...I do not even ask for money but I need support but it is difficult...

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