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When Gandhiji was a child, he used to be very much afraid. He will never walk alone in the dark . One day he told this  to his mother Putlibai. His mother, Putlibai reveled him that whenever he feels afraid, he should immedeatly start chanting 'Ram Nam'. Gandhiji started this practice and his fear was gone. This small act of chanting Ram Nam made a very deep impact on Gandhiji's mind. So much so people around him used to talk about his this practise. This habit made Gandhiji looking In-ward. This inwardly act of chanting made Gandhiji lover of devotional songs later on in his life.His every act began with Prayers. Gandhiji spoke of four fundamental principles of Satyagraha. One of the four principles is, 'Nirbhaya', which means fearlessness. Other three are life of Truthfulness, life of Voluntary Poverty and Life of Brahmcharya, full devotion to Almighty. 

Gandhiji's entire life had been revolving around these four principles. People could hardely understand the real goal of his life was to see God face to face, and that God was to him nothing but Truth. There is no comparison in these two philosopies, Democracy and Truth. This fact people have to realise. Democracy is much below in coparison with Truth. It is not compulsory for every one to understand the  two different level of understandings. But they have to understand the basic point of diffrent approaches to life. That is why Gandhi was constently warning the indian masses not to follow the British Parliamentry System of Democracy blindly. Gandhi warned the country to mend our half a millian villages, which have been in an inertia, for ages.

Gandhiji gave a plan in the year 1935 to Reconstruct our Villages. He gave so much importence to rural reconstruction that he was even ready to forgo politics. He has such an elaborate plan that he thought about the daily food that our village-brotherens have been eating, how are they looking after childeren's health, how are they bringing-up their young daughters for their brighter future. What type of basic education is needed to bring awareness among the masses to brighten their future. How villges could become self-sustaining. All these plan were there on Gandhiji's agenda for overall upliftment of the villages.

In the centre of it was a plan to bring key idea of human-life. Through out his life he had been pinpointedly drawing attention of the masses to be always aware that supreme goal of life is salavation, 'Mukti'. All remaning goals are secondary. Without keeping the main goal always  in the centre of our thinking nothing can be achieved. Every day in his life began with Prayers. And the day was also ended with prayers. 



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