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We have to go back as early as the year 1902, to understand Gandhiji's way of life. His life was not confined to the System of Democracy as it is today. Gandhiji's way was very clear about the Total Living of a human being in day today life. He had very clearly understood that human being is not only an ecomonic-phemomenon alone. Human being has a higher goal. In November 1902, when Gandhiji was asked to go to South Africa again, he remarked, '' One would be blessed if one could catch  a glimpse of that Certainity and hitch one's waggon on it. The quest for that Truth is the summam bonum of life.'' This I am writing to make clear from the mind of highly-intelectual people, who time and again say Gandhi was pro-democracy.

It is not a question of how do we rule over the political affarirs of our country today. In the just passed century, we  all have witnessed  the whole world going from Capitalism to Communism, and again back to Capitalism and how misserably we have failed on both the Fronts. Not only in our own country, but the world as a whole has to take a lesson as to which way should we go as one World? In order to make human life more humane on the Mother Earth. This is the challenge for whole of humanity today. It is with frame of mind that Gandhi was thinking, and acting accordingly. Only one person could succeed,, that too partially,, only on Economic Front, That was Mao, who took the idea of rural community building. That Idea he took from Gandhi, but not exectly from Gandhiji's true spirit of Community Building. Mao could make it from Economic Development only. That way Mao could make his country first in the rank and files of the whole world. Today it is undisputable fact that China is the most rich country in the world, economically. But the bigest question still left unanswered, and that is, '' Is human race is a economic-instrument only or it has a much higher Goal?  

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