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A Delhi University Prof. has asked me a question after reading my Blog 11 under the current series. The question is why did Gandhiji adopt Democracy for India? Gandhiji was never in favour of Democracy in India. That is why he left Congress in the year 1935, when his Resolution to this effect was turned down. So where is the question of Gandhiji supporting Democracy?

 It is a fact that looking to the Congress leaders mood at that time, he did not openly oppose Democracy. That is why when Transfer of Power Act was being played in New Delhi on 15th Aug. 1947, Gandhiji was in Bengal working as one man Army to bring peace and harmoney to put a break on Communal Roits. At that time Gandhiji was more interested in getting the Freedom from the British Rule. After all Gandhiji had been fighting for Freedom of the country  for four decades. So, it is not a reality that Gandhiji supported Democracy for India. Countrary to that it was Gandhiji's farsightedness that he did not creat a fuss and openly opposed the formation of the Interim Government of India  in the the year 1947.

Gandhiji had seen with his own eyes that the democretic set-up is not suitable for India because at that time India was having 7 Lacks Villages and three fourth population were rural masses.That is why he gave so much importence to Rural Reconstruction Program, and through awakening the rural masses he could tell them the importance of Concept of Swaraj, instead of democretic-politics alone.

Here is a historic-quotation of Gandhiji where he put so much emphasis in the year 1935, after he left AICC Membership. I quote, 'Why worry one's headover a thing which is inavitable ? Why die before one's death? That is why I can take the keenest interest in discussing vitamins and leafy vegitables and unpolished rice. That is why it has become a matter of absorbing interest to me to find out how clean our latrines, how best to save our people from the heinous sin of fouling Mother Earth every morning.

So, it was as clear as day-light that Gandhiji was more concerned about the awakening of half a millian of Indian Villages. Without awakening the Rural people Freedom of the Country was not much of a use. Today we realize that our Villages are no more developed as that of China has done. As I have already written that it was from Gandhiji that Mao took the mantra of rural reconstruction, but in a different way. That is why today China is number one in the world economy. 









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Comment by vinod Tyagi on October 11, 2011 at 6:05am
Comment by vinod Tyagi on October 11, 2011 at 5:40am
May be Gandhi realised that in every other system,Indians will prove to be worst.

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