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Shri Ramachandran Nair recollects September 28, 2016


Heeding to his "Rajya Guru's" advise Gandhiji tried in vain to spiritualise Indian politics and won independence for India from colonial rule through peaceful means and for the first time introduced "constructive program" as a main weapon in any political activism. It is unfortunate that his life was taken away by an assassin's bullet and the abetters of this killing is now in power. Sans any spirituality in religions, religions are now politicalised beyond its recognition. All branches of governance of India are totally politicalised and the boarders of different estates of governance are beyond recognition of each other’s borders. Less said about education system of the country better.

There is an absolute necessity in the spiritualisation of our educational system. The other day I was going through a keynote address in an International Conference in Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla on Science, Spiritually and Education on September 25, 2015, by my Friend and Kulpatiji Sri Ravindra Kumar.

I wonder why the present Glamorous Education / Human Resources Minister of India does not utilise the services of scholars and teachers like Kulpatiji Sri Ravindra Kumar to travel around the country, visit the Universities and Teachers' Education Colleges and give his illuminating discourse on the value of "Spirituality" in "Education". I am yet to meet him personally, but I am sure he will be an invaluable asset in this Himalayan Task of "Spiritualising the present totally politicalised Education System of India."

Will those in authority care this suggestion of one of the insignificant Indians? The earlier it is done, better for the Indian Nation and the children who are to be future voters and law makers of this largest democracy.

Law makers turn to be the first law breakers for want of spirituality in education. If parents are not spiritual, how can one expect the children to be spiritual! Similarly if teachers are not spiritual, how can one expect the students to be spiritual! If the leadership is not spiritual and "kinship of heart cantered" sans "material and profit cantered" how can the law makers be expected to be law abiding citizens first and last and not law breakers at all.

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