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Many yearn for `Gandhi' to be honoured posthumously.

What is it about him that we all share the deepest reverence for?  It is his adherence to his conscience, which we all have.  

All those who deeply stick to their conscience are demonstrating `Gandhi'.

On the world scene, we have adorable little Malala, the youngest recipient ever of the Nobel Peace Prize, with a pure heart, asking for India and Pakistan to be FRIENDS.  To help each other.  

Can we deny that adults are spoiling the outlook of our Children, fostering hate towards different groups of people in numerous ways?

Malala's youthful voice on the world stage, is the voice of all youth.  Asking their parents, and leaders to stop being crazy fools, to use their brains, mighty degrees, and authority to make a world of peace, of social justice, of environmental integrity.  

Can leadership set aside its power and greed minded goals to LISTEN to our children?

We have practically destroyed the voices of their mothers, can we hear the Children?

Can we, who care and are concerned, use our voices and means to corral leadership and money into compliance with what we really need?

Can we give up our comforts and convenience to exercise our only economic vote, the boycott?  

Its very hard now, to legally live a simple life, to build community, especially in `first world' nations, where community is held more in a shared idea, than an environmentally and economically interdependent social setting. In such a concept of community, the real stresses and strains that forge tight knit bonds of not only self -reliance, but genuine human wisdom, rarely have room for exercise.

May we carry the message of our most youthful Nobel Prize winner to all corners of this Earth, may we  all begin to heed the cries of our Children!

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