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What terror means to the world?

This question might sound weird and stupidous to many peace-makers and peace-lovers who strive tirelessly to serve for the betterment of the world peace. Does terror has any message to the world? Does terror make changes or change any makeovers in the world upon which day-to-day life running? Actually, there is nothing to learn out of terror attacks which kill hundreds of people causing trouble and havoc in a country’s internal peace and international relations.

What one message the world wants to underscore from any terror attack is that most of them are carried out in countries by other nationals. Whether it is 9/11, ot 7/11 or 13/11, terror has been founded with roots that connect to the international affairs and relations of the state with those of nationals that carried away with them. Attacks in Paris are a clear signal for such sored relations of France and its stance towards the conflicting genocide that occurred in Syria and other countries. Whether it is Talibans from Afghanistan or Alqaide from the middle-east or ISIS from the Islamic states, it is the international involvement and certain decisions taken by world powers which were against the fundamentalist, religious fanatic organizations.

The problem in extracting any message out of such terror attacks is that it leads to politicization of terror which again would yield adverse effects. The basic difference between the politic and terror is violence. Only politicians could politicize whereas the terror remains as terror always. Politic and the governments are trying to find the root cause or the public interest behind such terror outfits while they continue to believe in the process of diluting the violent side of the masses. If they fail to do that up to the mark, once again, it becomes an issue for those who take violence in their hands. So, organizations come out openly to claim responsible for terror attack.

India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has issued a statement on de-linking terror from religion. Isolating violence and notorious-ness from religion has been a long time call from political leaders around the world; but not from any other arena. When and how delinking of terror from religion would happen - is the biggest challenge to the entire world. Religions preace peace; promotes love and harmony amongst the communities. No religion or religious authorities would agree to claim that terror is part of their religion and would agree to disconnect it. Then, from where would the world governments could take initiatives to delink terror from religion?

On certain grounds, terror has taken space in the politic, governance and administrative arena whether global, worldwide terror outfit or a local ethnic, tribal violent mob. Governments can’t travel from smaller, local administrative terror to much larger, global terror and nab them down. While hatred is the main cause of violence, there won’t be space for tolerance. While tolerance is interpreted as injustice, there won’t be space for nonviolence. When ignorance is exploited across the poor sections of the society, there won’t be space for truth and justice. When basic ground rules are violated by authorities, there exists a space for the vested ones.

Terror, thus, can be reasoned out and is a nice topic for reasearch as well. World governments and political leaders shall not give space for such passive approaches with their condemnations and actions of peace-making. What the world needs now is to seize terror. The French President’s bold move to wipe-off the ISIS outfits in their region is just an initiative towards upholding peace in the world.

Peace must be our birth right! Not a commodity to trade or sell out for any convenience.

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