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There is one central government and several state governments in India and   the responsibilities and authority of central and state governments are  different. However, in the last eighteen months, everyone in India appear to think that Modi government and Modi in particular ,should  be held responsible for every unsavoury happenings in India , though Modi government may have nothing to do with such events.

Both print and visual media , particularly English media, appear to be creating such an impression .

High expectations from people :

However, such view can also be interpreted as the perception of the common man in India that Modi should solve every problem of India and they seem to believe that he can do this and are disappointed , that this is not happening at the pace at which they expect.  Under the circumstances, the responsibility on  Modi’s shoulder  and the expectation from him is far greater than any other Prime Minister in India from  Jawaharlal Nehru onwards.

It is believed that 25% of Indian population (may be around 250 million people)  live below poverty line, which mean that they would not know as to  where their next meal would come from. Any industrial or economic  development measures and progress can be meaningful in India,  only if they would make quick  impact on the life style of around 250 million people, living in deprived and difficult conditions. Such deprived people are also becoming impatient , as they have waited for  long and expect the leadership of the country to relieve them from their sufferings sooner than later.

Obviously, Modi is aware of this need and expectations and his monthly Man ki bhath talk over  All India Radio clearly indicate that Modi wants to respond to the aspirations of the people. However, he does not have a magic wand.

Long term plans do not impress poor people:

Certainly, Modi has an action plan  to take India forward, which the unprejudiced and discerning observers do recognise. However, there appear to be  gap in communication between Modi and deprived people of India who pin their hopes on him. His lofty objectives such as digital India , make in India ,  alternate energy sources ,efforts to create confidence in the minds of the international investors by overseas visits etc. do not particularly impress the millions of deprived people, who do not have the advantage of quality education and  who are made to confuse themselves by the relentless campaign of the opposition parties and section of media. While the plans of Modi are absolutely essential to make India achieve big leap forward, they may  not bring instantaneous relief that deprived people expect.

Need for quick relief :

It is very important for Modi to take some very urgent steps to ensure quick relief to common man, who find that the house rents are soaring, prices of pulses and vegetables are reaching new heights ,  education facilities are increasingly coming under the private sector with  the educational fees going beyond the affordability of the people, medical expenses skyrocketing etc. Given the faith and expectations that people have come to repose on Modi, he has to react to such ground realities, even as he goes ahead implementing his very meaningful long term plans.

Relentless curbing of corruption is the only way :

The spiralling prices  in India can be brought down and poor people can be given quick relief  by taking very strong measures to curb  corruption in the government machinery, business houses and so many other areas in India such as educational institutions , hospitals and even religious bodies. When corruption would be ruthlessly put down , the black money circulation will inevitably be reduced , hoarding of goods and commodities will become less and less , the various reliefs extended by the government will reach the poor people adequately and  the investments made by government in  development projects will bear fruit.

Widespread corruption in India is the root cause for all the problems faced by the  poor and deprived people who are the ultimate victims of the corrupt practices in the country. Certainly, Modi knows this and many of his observations are on the same line. Modi has to necessarily resolve to carry out a do or die battle against corruption in India, which is necessary both for India’s peace and growth  and survival of Modi himself as Prime Minister.

The one issue that cannot but be pointed out is that it is difficult for Modi to implement war against corruption without support of the state governments and many of them are steeped in corruption. However, Modi can still do this by starting a unilateral war against corruption himself  in all possible ways  , which inevitably would put pressure on the state governments.

Whatever power he has must be used to putdown corruption and then Modi’s task of implementing long term plans successfully will be possible. His critics would be silenced and such bitter experience as felt by  Modi in the recent Bihar elections will no more happen.


Nandini Voice For The Deprived

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