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Select News on Mahatma Gandhi, Peace and Nonviolence
New entries (since last Mahatma Gandhi News Digest)

>> Leela Sekhar recollects her memories of Mahatma
>> Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi finds no takers in Gujarat
>> Nonagenarian shares her experiences with the Mahatma
>> Still reading GANDHI
>> World March for Peace Begins in Wellington
>> World fetes Gandhi, but no takers in India?
>> Artist carves Mahatma Gandhi on sand to depict threat of global warming
>> Commemorating a Philosophy of Nonviolence
>> Gandhi became 'Mahatma' in Uttarakhand
>> Bapu's former disciple recounts days spent at Ashram
>> 1,460 students take pledge to work for non-violence
>> On Mahatma Ghandi's Birthday - A Challenge to Pray to a Personal God
>> Stop the hypocrisy
>> Mahatma magic draws young and old
>> Penning a legacy – the 'Gandhian' way!
>> The modern day Mahatma
>> Where Freedom Means a Chance to Work
>> Gandhi's legacy lives on as students celebrate
>> 'Gandhi's non-violence strategy can establish peace'
>> Finding the Mahatma in times of confusion
>> “Gandhi had the fearlessness we need today” (video)
>> Rich tributes paid to Mahatma Gandhi in UK
>> Gandhi would have embraced Facebook, Twitter to broaden his reach among masses
>> Mahatma Gandhi and peace
>> A New Corporate Idea for Gandhi's Birthday
>> Brazilian Pacifists Dress Gandhi Statue With T-Shirt
>> School children dressed as Mahatma Gandhi
>> UN releases Mahatma stamp
>> Gandhi's divine avatar (video)
>> The relevance of Mahatma Gandhi today
>> Even in matters of food, the Mahatma was usually right
>> Mahatma Gandhi remembered on anniversary
>> Pachauri invokes Gandhi to drive his point on Climate
>> Sabarmati Jail records to be digitized
>> TV review: Gandhi
>> Peace broken over Ghandi pen
>> Gandhi's Message Of Non-Violent Struggle
>> Trek nets a Gandhi peace award for activist
>> Walk supports Gandhi's message
>> Gandhi's anniversary a moment to reflect on his non-violence message: Obama
>> Mahatma Gandhi & Seven “Deadly Sins”
>> Google Doodle: Mahatma Gandhi tribute on 140th birthday
>> Rally for Ghandi's Birthday in India (video)
>> Following the Mahatma
>> Mahatma's Gujarat Vidyapith fails to attract students
>> Remembering Gandhi through philately
>> Gandhi was the greatest actor in Indian history: Tom Alter
>> When the Mahatma figured in hair oil ad
>> Experts say elitist Gandhi pen risks possibility of a backlash
>> Four-volume Gandhi biography to be released on birth anniversary
>> Living up to the Mahatma's image, the American way
>> The United Nations Secretary-General's message on the International Day of Non-violence, 2 October 2009
>> Mahatma's dream lives on in Nepal
>> The Message Given By The Unknown MG
>> Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography still a bestseller
>> Tushar Gandhi's double standards
>> Taking Gandhi's message to France on 2nd October
>> Mahatma Gandhi comes alive on internet
>> 80 prisoners in Mumbai write Gandhi exam
>> Mahatma Gandhi: A Global Ambassador for Non-Violence
>> League of Arab States to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti in Cairo
>> Spreading the Mahatma's word
>> Mahatma Gandhi's bust waits installation at historic site in South Africa
>> Mont Blanc's tribute to Bapu (video)
>> Gandhi, a kaleidoscope of emotions
>> Gandhi Jayanti fair to showcase Games projects
>> The 11.39 lakh Gandhi pen set
>> Bapu's simplicity inspires pen worth Rs11.39 lakh
>> Ghandi's teachings are still relevant
>> Leadership Isn't About Leaders
>> Celebrated symbol of peace Celebrated symbol of peace
>> Commentary: Gandhi's message still resonates in Muslim societies
>> Hindu American Foundation honors LA clergy with Gandhi award
>> Three-part series explores controversial life of Gandhi
>> Gandhi's teachings honored in Islands

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