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                                          VISUALLY IMPAIRED WOMEN BLAME POOR GOVERNANCE


In the context of the International women’s Day, Nandini   Voice for The Deprived, a Chennai based NGO ,organised a debate amongst visually impaired women at Chennai on 10th March,2013. on “ARE THE SAFETY THREATS FACED BY VISUALLY  IMPAIRED WOMEN  DUE TO LACK OF GOVERNANCE  OR LACK OF LAWS?”

17 visually impaired women from cross section of society including teachers, students, government employees and self employed women participated in the debate.
 The three hours debate  was very lively.  The visually impaired women poured out their thoughts, described several case studies and spoke with emotion and conviction. Considering the quality of the presentations , all the seventeen  visually impaired women were presented with awards.
 Highlights of the observations made by the visually impaired women are given below.
Many of the incidents of harassment faced by the visually impaired women are not reported in the media  and  when unpleasant incident takes place, visually impaired women keep the frustration  and humiliation to themselves and suffer silently.  A sense of loneliness and helplessness amongst the visually impaired women , in the face of harassment in public places and in families , are clearly evident.
When someone happens to be a woman, a visually impaired and belong to lower income group, all the adverse conditions together make their life miserable.
The consensus view was that enactment of more laws would  not solve the issues , as even the existing laws are not implemented in letter and spirit. There is lack of will on the part of the authorities to give protection to visually impaired women  in appropriate manner , as most of them belong to lower income group and lack ”fighting strength”  due to their visual  disability.
In such conditions, where poor law enforcement in the event of teasing  and harassment in public places  are  grave issues facing them, it was said that every visually impaired woman should  derive inspiration from the teachings and writings of  Subramania  Bharathi (a Tamil poet of great distinction and who  fought for women's cause and had a striking
moustache  )  and imagine themselves to be a “moustache less Bharathiar”  and start protesting .
All women agreed that the ultimate solution for the problems is to assert their rights and  make demand  that they should be treated with dignity by the authorities and the society. If and when this would not happen , they should relentlessly fight instead of bending low and  bearing  the insults silently.  Every visually impaired woman should go to the rescue of other  visually impaired woman in case of any adverse conditions faced by them , as only they can understand each other’s problems. 
 The choice is for better quality of governance and not for more laws.
Nandini Voice For The Deprived


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