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Visit Parijat Academy a small school for underprivileged children

Parijat Academy
a school for underprivileged children

Parijat Academy is a school for underprivileged children.It was established in 2003. Starting with 4 children in a small room with a pair of desk and bench. It is non religious, non profit school. Providing free education. The school is covering 9 tribal villages – Pamohi, Mahguapra, Deosutal, Garchuk, Mainakhorong, Dhalbama, Nowagaon, Garoghuli, Garbhanga.

What is likely to be here?
Parijat Academy is situated in the village of Pamohi near fringe area of Deepor Beel wetland, where migratory birds can be seen. The area is prone to frequent flood. Nearby villages of Parijat Academy the poor tribal family are depend their livelihood through home made rice beer, they sale that and running their family, woodcutter, daily labour, cultivator. So Parijat Academy is thinking for their children not to follow and practice this rice beer making system in their coming life. Parijat Academy’s perseverance is that to bring their poor children to Parijat Academy and make them engage during days at school by learing different things slowly slowly, about health, education, music, culture, games etc. Children learning subjects at Parijat Academy are Assamese, Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Environmental Studies, Moral Education, Drawing, Recitation, Music.

Cultivation of crop is not very feasible here. There is lack of health care facility. The literacy rate is very very low. Children specially girls are required to take care of household works.

Parijat means heavenly flower in Assamese. Education is children’s birth right.

Why Parijat Academy?
Literacy rate is very very poor here in this area. School drop out also high here. We want 100% poor children to be educated. For this Parijat Academy is providing free education for the children. It will takes 15 to 20 years to bring changes of these children of these area. It is a long term project. A beginning has already been made.

Creating a “GOOD HEART”
Children are encourage to develop the positive qualities of loving kindness, compassion and universal responsibility.

Parijat Academy is in village Pamohi in the district of Kamrup of Assam’s capital Guwahati. It is rural area. It very near to Deepor Beel wetland and also near to Assam –Meghalaya border. 8 kms from Gauhati University, 15 Kms from Guwahati Airport, 8 Kms from Guwahati Railway Station. 2 Kms from Balaji Temple. The area is fall under Rani Block and Azara Gaon Panchayat. Nearest Police Station is Garchuk.

· Educating the poor, to create awareness on eradication of child labour.
· Providing free education.
· Helping children development the qualities of loving kindness, compassion and universal responsibilities

The school at present:

Number of the student : 478
Number of boys : 260
Number of girls : 218
Number of teachers : 16

Currently the academy have following classes :Nursery, Kindergarten, Class- I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII, VIII
Subjects: Assamese, Hindi, English, Maths, Social studies, environmental Studies, Science.

Working days- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
School time: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

What the academy need most:

* School furniture
* Paying the salary of a teacher.
* Books and writing materials
* Medical checkup and treatment.
Any kind of contribution is welcome.

Micro Saving Awareness:
Poverty, illiteracy, of the underprivileged section of the community makes the children to be deprived from education. For this Parijat Academy motivated the poor tribal parents of the childen on Micro Saving and Parijat has started Child Development Bank (CDB). It is not like National Bank. It is micro saving among the poor parents of the children. Parents are so interest to save their hard earing money on monthly basis like Rs 5, Rs 10, Rs 15 etc according to their capacity in the name of their child. This will help small way for their children’s education. Parents no need to go to Post Office and Bank. Parijat Academy had opend separate Post Office Saving Account. This account is Joint Account is maintained by two lady teacher of Parijat Academy namely Baijayanti Handique and Manomoti Phangsho.

Currently there are 14 children in hostel. 10 girls, 4 boys. They are Deepa, Kalpana, Rupali, Seuti, Bhabani, Anjana, Monita, Anjali, Dipa, Nabakanta, Sankar, Madan, Jugeswar, Nomali. Their home is 17 kms away from Parijat Academy. Remote forest village area. The place is called Garbhanga.

List of the teacher

Sl.No Designation Name
1 Pre Primary Teacher Manomoti Phangsho
2 Pre Primary Teacher Lakhimi Saikia
3 Pre Primary Teacher Rina Teron
4 Pre Primary Teacher Archana Teron
5 Primary Teacher Anila Teron
6 Primary Teacher Anita Teron
7 Primary Teacher Anjana Borah
8 Primary Teacher Baijayanti Handique
9 Primary Teacher Pranay Das
10 Middle Teacher Utpal Basumatary
11 Middle Teacher Munmuni Ronghang
12 Middle Teacher Trishna Medhi
13 Middle Teacher Jitu Sarma
14 Middle Teacher Jogen Kalita
15 Primary Teacher Hore Krishna Borah
16 Coordinator & Teacher Uttam Teron
17 Librarian Lilimoyee Kalita

Others staff
Sl.No Designation Name
1 Helper for preparing tea & lunch for all teacher Smt. Chancha and Lipi Das
2 Helper Raju

Parijat Academy
2003- 2008
(Year wise and Boys & Girls distribution of enrolled Students)

Year 2003
Year Class No. of boys No. of girls Total
2003 Nursery 10 8 18

Year 2004
Year Class No. of boys No. of girls Total
2004 Nursery 6 10 16
KG-I 5 2 7
KG-II 1 1 2

Year 2005
Year Class No. of boys No. of girls Total
2005 Nursery 13 5 18
KG 2 9 11
Class-I 5 2 7
Class-II 2 1 3

Year 2006
Year Class No. of boys No. of girls Total
2006 Nursery 9 12 21
KG 8 4 12
Class-I 3 9 12
Class-II 4 2 6
Class-III 2 1 3

Year 2007
Year Class No. of boys No. of girls Total
2007 Nursery 16 27 43
KG 20 16 36
Class-I 13 3 16
Class-II 10 12 22
Class-III 14 9 23
Class-IV 6 8 14
Class-V 15 9 24
Class-VI 3 5 8
Class-VII 5 1 6

Year 2008
Year Class No. of boys No. of girls Total
2008 Nursery 58 50 108
KG 16 29 45
Class-I 22 21 43
Class-II 17 9 26
Class-III 11 16 27
Class-IV 25 15 40
Class-V 33 23 56
Class-VI 22 13 35
Class-VII 7 10 17
Class- VIII 49 32 81
Total 260 218 478

Year No. of Boys No. of Girls Total % of Boys % of Girls
2003 10 8 18 55.56 44.44
2004 12 13 25 48 52
2005 22 17 39 56.41 43.59
2006 28 26 54 51.85 48.19
2007 102 90 192 53.13 46.88
2008 260 218 478 54.39 45.61

Parijat Academy
a school for underprivileged children
Pamohi, P.O. Garchuk, Guwahati-781035, Assam, India
Tel: +91-361-2740179, +91-9864041711

Bank details

Central Bank of India
Account No. 8532
Account Name: Parijat Academy
Branch: Lohra Chariali
Bank address: Lokhra Chariali
P.O. Sawkuchi, Guwahati-781034, Assam, India

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