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Nandini Voice For The Deprived  ( ) a Chennai based  not for profit organisation ,organised an essay competition for the students in Tamil Nadu  on ”Why  increase   in  violence  amongst  students  in Tamil   Nadu ?“.


The objective of organising the competition is to provide an opportunity to students  to express their views and suggestions, since they are the stake holders and have first hand experience.


There is good response for the essay competition from schools and college students all over Tamil Nadu.


Following  five students have been awarded prize .


*          Ms. A.Samyuktha, PSG College of Arts & Science,Coimbatore

*          Ms.K.Muthu Lakshmi, Holy Cross Anglo Indian Hr.Sec.School, Thoothukudi

*          Ms. J.Nithyashree, K.V.School,Anna Nagar ,Chennai

*          Ms.Sandhya Varadharajan, Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School, K.K.Nagar, Chennai

*          Ms.A.Prathiksha, Holy Cross Anglo Indian Hr.Sec.School, Thoothukudi


Highlights of the views of the students are given  below:



Violence has become norm rather than exception


Violence  amongst students is  largely a heat of the moment phenomenon.  It takes place before things are thought through.  This is the case in predominant scenarios of violence amongst students.


However, organized and cold blooded violence also take place amongst students, which is  criminal activity.


What is perhaps most alarming is that violence is becoming so common amongst students, that it is considered the norm rather than the exception today.


Impact of TV shows and video games


Video Games is major cause of  inducing violence amongst young minds.  In video games, they teach how to handle guns, how to shoot and how to fix targets and also how to kill.  Popular games like ‘Counter strike’, which allow the player to seek out and kill the enemies, have induced a sense of enjoyment in the act of killing.


By the time an average child reaches seventh grade, he or she will have witnessed hundreds of murders and acts of violence on television.  The students who have more exposure to violent video games are less forgiving, believe violence to be normal and behave more aggressively in their everyday lives.


When it is possible to do it virtually, why not try it in real?  Such thoughts motivate violence amongst the youth.


Dysfunctional families


Dysfunctional families play an important role in triggering abnormal behaviour in children.


If parents fight with each other, to escape from this harsh reality and to have peace of mind, children opt for video games. to take their mind off.


With both the parents taking up jobs and not being around to guide them, even children without any behavioural problems may also get drawn into the circles of violence.


When the children fail to emotionally bond and connect with their parents during the early stage, they do not have a well constructed moral framework.


Peer pressure


Parents, teachers and society as a whole may place unrealistic expectations on the students without any regard to their capabilities or tastes. 


Resorting to violence, when unable to achieve one’s goal and expectation of peers,is mostly seen in college students and not among school students. 


That is because, only after entering the college, do students come to understand the tough world and face stiff competition.  Pressure builds up on them. When they realise that they don’t have the required skills to go into a well respected institution for work, they become frustrated and may  get tensed  up and give vent to their feeling by violent conduct and unruly behaviour.




Apart from all this, an adolescent teenager is getting side tracked by a childish crush or an infatuation towards the opposite sex.  This makes him to behave like cave man, fighting to get what he wants. Scenes in cinema largely contribute to such situation.


Negative impact of cinema / media


The portrayal of violence in films has, in a sense, trivialised the issue in the eyes of the youth. 


Movies depict  violent acts and they mislead the students to believe that it is normal and heroic. 


The repeated exposure to violence on media and TV channels desensitise the spectators and reduce the gravity of the issue.  The viewer’s mind is attuned to it and he is less likely to be taken aback by such act. Media irresponsibility goes a long way in shaping people’s perception of violence as light hearted matter.


More than a father’s influence on child, a film hero plays a big role in shaping the life of a student.


Drugs and alcohol use


Recently, there has also been a sudden upsurge in the use of drugs and alcohol consumption in schools and colleges.


It is not due to merely street drugs but also the use of drugs and alcohol by their own parents and family members


Caste factors


A major cause for the increased violence among students in Tamil Nadu is caste factor. Students of same caste assemble themselves into groups.  Outside educational institutions, they part in all good and bad acts  together.


Even hostels administered for students by our governments are on the basis of castes   i.e. SC students’ hostel, BC students hostel etc.   This itself discriminates students among themselves and communal leaders along with their goondas make use of these hostels as their shelters. 


Tougher laws  alone will not do


General public believe that the solution to violence amongst students lies in tougher laws and more police action against the violent students.  The solution can not be as simple as this.


Since the causes of violent behaviour in students are multi-faceted, strategies to address this issue must operate on a variety of levels.


Students have really high level of energy that can turn out in a negative way if not guided properly.  When such energy is not used productively, it paves the way to a lot of fury and violence. 


Mainly students wish to engage themselves in any sort of activities that may keep their mind and heart refreshed.  Keeping them idle itself is a great punishment to them.


Educational institutions should have dedicated psychologists as counsellors to lecture students on fixed and regular time table basis.  They can explain the moral values in a subtle and convincing way and  give examples of disciplined and successful persons that can penetrate deep into the heart of students.


This may not be a one-time  solution but may slowly change the mind of younger generation. 


Nandini Voice For The Deprived

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