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Gene has asked another question. It relates to Gandhiji's basic assumption of Soul force. Gandhiji realised in his life Experienced that there is one universal force which if reflected in one and all. Gandhiji call it soul force. Any thing else is a temporary, ever changing, and it is imprfect  phenomenon. That is what Ganhiji consider imperfect or untruth. Gandhiji never agree to this concept as untuth or unreal. Gandhiji also called it theory of Vedanta or in modern language he called it theory of Satyagraha.

When we consider that Gandhiji was not in faviour of Tecnology, it is in this context. Gandhiji was not particularly opposed to hi-technology. If Gandhiji was opposed to technology, he would not have approved of Charkha or Sewing Machine as part of machenery. Therefore, tecnology is uneccepetable to Gandhiji.

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Comment by Gene Chapman on February 26, 2012 at 0:17
Very good. Questions for HS Chapter 20: I see that Gandhiji puts the spinning wheel and loom as the solution for most career problems.

1) Do you have a spinning wheel and do you use it?

2) What are your thoughts on it's use? What is the next book we should study?

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