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Gene Chapman and I have been reading Hind Swaraj for the last few weeks. It is quite interesting to know an American's view point of Gandhiji as he has been sincerely tryng to understand the theme of the Book. It is not easy to follow the centeral idea of the book by an American youngman. The first thing about Hind Swaraj is that it is a new political as well as social thought. This new idea has never being in practice so far any where in the world. It is difficult to practice in daily life. It is based on ethical values. It teaches human being how could we can explore all the three faculties gifted to us by nature. We usually try to explore at the maximum two faculties in day-to-day life. That is body and mind. Political and social life is guideded by mostly physical faculty. Even mind is used spairingly. If at all we use our mind, mostly negative, very rarely we use positve approch in political and social life.  So this is the main problem that we find it difficult to put into practice.

For example Gene thinks that what ever Gandhiji had said must be followed very strictly. As Gene has put the question about the use of railways. It is not suggested that we shoul not use railways. Actually it is considered evil because it creat artificial scarcity. Secondly it enhances in human mind the tendency of greed. That is the basic idea when Gandhiji advocated to discourage the idea of using railways. It has become the bigest transport industry in the world. It has become the bigest tool for enhancing human greed. Human greed has gone so much high that there is cut-throght compitition. And now it has reached its maximum point and there is economic resesson every where. Situation has becme such that there are more sellers then buyers. Gandhiji was advocating production by masses and not  huge mass production for example Car Industries all over the world. So the crises of desel and petrol.

Gene also gave an example of eating hamburgers is taboo in Gandhian traditions. It was not considered negetive. The main idea about eating habits is the impact of a paricular type of food which makes our minds negetive. For example if we eate heavy and greecy food our mind will become Rajsic and we can not think positively. Intresting thing is that Gandhiji never put preasure on a particular food. He did put certain rules about the Ashramites. But Gandhiji was very libral to the visitors. He was very considerate. Infact he was always looking for the discomforts to others.  Gandhiji tried to be very polite in such matters.






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Comment by GOPI KANTA GHOSH on November 22, 2011 at 4:37pm

Do we follow this...worth thinking

Comment by Gene Chapman on November 13, 2011 at 2:58pm

Concerning Ravi's comment, I was trained as a business investor by those intimate to Warren Buffett, one of the richest men on earth (sometimes the richest).  I found the life of investing to be empty without some larger mission.  Just buying dollars for fifty cents was empty.  I still do it, but it is not near the center of my life.  The problem I see with rural economic development is that it is commodity based; thus, it can never reach the hights of financial success found in markets.  One must look for something else in rural settings, peace within.

Comment by ravi on November 13, 2011 at 12:30pm

The ethical aspect in life has been taken over by the race for greed all over the world especially in India in the name of material progress by the leaders running the country. Gandhian principles are forgotten and the rulers have no time for rural development which Gandhiji has top priority on his mind.

Comment by Gene Chapman on November 12, 2011 at 9:23am

Very well. On to Chapter 10.

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