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by Jeff Knaebel on the 82nd day of his paperless stateless freedom
9 September 2009
Corruption & hypocrisy are the inevitable products of modern democracy. (Mahatma Gandhi in Tendulkar, 1960).

Last night at Rohat we went to our charpoys to sleep under the stars in cool temperatures. At 0130 hrs a light rain forced us into a storage shed. We arose at 0350 hrs with blasts of rain on our terrace.
We got underway toward Jatheri at 0412 hrs in light to medium rain. Despite umbrellas, we were soon soaked to the skin. The road was pleasantly lonely and peaceful this morning and we arrived at Jatheri at 0658 hrs.
Our host here is Sunit Kumar Tyagi, son of Swaraj Tyagi – the match of our purpose with family name of our host seems to bode well.
At the Government Senior Secondary School we spoke for more than an hour to 220 students and staff. Sri Mahavir Tyagi led off, and Master Jai Bhagwan closed.
We emphasized Mind – the mind of the exploited is the greatest weapon of the exploiter. We urged the ancient Indian traditions of Dhyan and Yog to gain the mind control necessary to resist the barrage of propaganda and false advertising on corporate controlled TV and in virtually all media.
We asked the students to think about the question – “What am I here for on this earth?” – as guidance to realizing their individual educational and life purpose. We asked them to remember and to preserve their Indianness, their language, culture, traditions and ancient way of life.
After our presentation a long queue formed for Jeff’s autograph, and he worked steadily until finally rescued by the Principal. At the reception afterward we shared mutual respect and gratitude with Principal Surender Prakash and his senior staff members Ajay Kumar and Bijender Singh.
We sold a record 49 copies of Mahatma Gandhi’s Hind Swaraj at Rs 10 per copy. The usual sales have been running at around 20 copies.
In the afternoon Mahavir Tyagiji led a lively group discussion, beginning now to focus on issues of the Yamuna River diversion into canals to serve Delhi and Uttarpradesh and distant areas of Haryana, while denying water to villages that have subsisted along its banks since beyond local memory. Sri Harpal Singh, major agriculturist, and Sunil Tyagi, local businessman, were among those who joined these sessions.
Leaving Jatheri for Rai, we walk through the vast area of Rai Industrial Estates, where the good green earth that once supported life is being turned into a concrete jungle wasteland of noise and pollution.
Then we hit National Highway 1, a six lane monstrosity of insane speed. Tyagiji recites the history of this road as having been built by King Sher Shah Suri in the years around 1526 in order to connect Calcutta with Peshawar. He planted fruit trees and dug wells along the road. This Indian King ruled for a short time between Mogul Emperors Babar and Akbar.
Turning suddenly into a small lane at 1729 hrs, we enter a different world of the old Rai Village. Narrow lanes laid out in the old way – now lined with modern homes – but still holding the charm of street vegetable and fruit wallas vending from their hand carts.
Our Rai host is Sri B. R. Tyagi, Sarpanch. We are put up in the motorcycle garage of Ram Kumar Tyagi, whose son Vinit Tyagi, M.D., takes care of our needs.
Master jai Bhagwan leaves us to return home and our team is joined by Hoshar Singh, of Village Nahari, District Sonipat.
To find out more about Jeffs Visions go to and
Today we walked 19km – tally 387 km to date.
--- END OF DAY 22 REPORT ---

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