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by Jeff Knaebel on the eighty first day of his paperless stateless freedom.
8 September 2009
This civilization is such that one has only to be patient & it will self-destruct (Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi).

Today we got underway from Hasangarh to Anandpur at 0421 hrs.
Even at this hour the heavy truck traffic which covers us with dust and envelops with noxious fumes rotates our walking meditation and prayer for peace into a struggle for mere survival. Each truck hits us with a heavy blast of dirty air and sometimes smacks us with small pebbles.
Not far to the east of our route New Delhi lies. The highway villages are getting dirtier – we are seeing pigs in the street now, and there are more flies. Public drunkenness increases.
Industrial civilization assaults and oppresses along this truck haul desert.
We arrive Village Anandpur at 0744. It is a neat and clean traditional village where we are hosted by Sarpanch Surender Singh Dhiya and his brother Bijender Singh. At their home we are introduced to Krisan Matwaha Saini and Azad Singh, characterized by Mahavir Tyagi as “the lionhearted.” Sri Tyagi had rejoined us at noon.
We spoke to about 210 students and staff at the Government Senior Secondary School, Jarot, where we were introduced by Principal Sri Bhan. On the dias with us were Jagu Mahendra Singh and Jai Narayan, both Panchayat members.
We were thrilled by the traditional Harayana welcoming song and folk dance that the high school girls performed for us. May these folk traditions last long. We symbolically garlanded the students with the garlands that had been given to us.
We spoke for an hour with emphasis on saving our Mother Earth from destruction by corporate industrial civilization. We addressed the great Indian methods of Dhyan and Yog for mind control and as means to deny corporate TV and media control of our minds.
We spoke to the need to protect the land, to love the land and all creatures and each other, and the Zuni consideration of the seventh generation in any decision about their tribal lands.
Bidding us farewell, the Principal said “I will remember your being among us and this day for all of my life.”
At lunch time we were briefed by Sri Tyagiji on his layout of the route and schedule up to 15 September. He then departed for other work and will rejoin tonight.
From Anandpur we walked to Rohat, arriving at 1747 hrs.
Rohat is laid out as a traditional Indian village with narrow winding cobblestone lanes and the houses connected and in direct contact with each other.
The generous and attentive host of our six member team was Sri Balbar Singh and his family.
We retired for sleep on the terrace, open to the sky, and in cool temperatures that are, for the first time so far, actually pleasant.
Today we walked 20 km and ended North and West of New Delhi.
--- END OF DAY 21 REPORT ---

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