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As soon as this topic hit my mind, the first thing that came into my mind was its readership. I am sure; most of the people will hit the ‘back’ key as soon as they will see the title. But the importance of the topic and the person described above does not depend on how many people are reading this blog. The way he lead the country and the way he lived his life, has become an integral part of world history now. Youngsters may not believe on Truth, Non-Violence and Mahatma Gandhi and his works but well educated, elder people treat him like a God.

Today I have been here, with this topic, not to discuss what mahatma Gandhi did, or what we should feel about Mahatma Gandhi. But I am here to discuss the perspective of people these days. They may not promote or support Gandhi and his ways of living, directly or publicly but indirectly they admire Gandhi most. All of have been armed with the power of understanding and observation, but it’s on us whether we use it or not. A slight sense of ‘observation’ is what we need to understand this. What I felt or observed, may or may not, what u will feel and observe but I feel it’s my duty to put on my thoughts.

The most important thing to be noticed here is, if majority of the population would not have liked Mahatma Gandhi, his autobiography “The Story Of my Experiments With Truth” would never have gained the status of ‘World’s largest Selling Autobiography.’ Even his biographies are one of the top selling books in the world. If people would not have liked him, why would they have had read him? Now, these are the statistical examples that are required to be searched on Google in order to know it.

Better we should talk about some practical examples which we see every day or which we would have seen sometimes in the past. I am not wrong, if I will say that almost 70% of the young Indians saw the movie “Lage Raho Munna Bhai”. It was one of the highest grosser of the year 2006, in which it was released. And again, if I am not wrong, that film was totally based on Mahatma Gandhi’s principles ‘Truth & Non-Violence’. If it was based on that, then why it has been such a big hit? Why did the word ‘Gandhigiri’ hit the youngsters thereafter? We may not have liked Gandhi, but after the film released, the word ‘Bapu’ was the reason, for smiles on the faces of people. That film once again proved that fact that, those works which could not be completed using money and power can easily be done with Love, Truth & Non-Violence. Bapu conveyed the same message, and the actor, superstar Sanjay Dutt conveyed the same message, but we, the foolish youth were moved by the message of Sanjay Dutt due to his smart and flawless personality. And the simplicity of Bapu made us laugh on him. This is what power of understanding we have developed today. Bapu said ‘Sach Bolo’ ,at which we made fun of him. But when Sanjay Dutt said ‘Jhooth Nahi Bolne Ka Re Maamu’, we were moved at his words. When Gandhi said directly, we didn’t liked it, when an actor said indirectly, we loved it. Why? If you are liking Dutt for this dialogue, then you must love Bapu for what he said. But the reality is far more different, far more complicated to be understood.

The second example is an incident, that has happened in the recent past. Anna Hazare, sat on the fast to force the government to pass the ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’, at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. Anna Hazare and all of us know that, the fast was totally Non-Violent and peaceful. But still, Anna Hazare got the support of almost each and every Indian. From a small child to people aged 60 or 70, from actor Anupam Kher to former IPS Kiran Bedi, everyone was with him. And everyone was saying he was right, and we all knew that he was not wrong. His protest was totally based on the principles of Gandhiji, still whole India, and the Indians living in foreign were with him. Why? As Anna is right today and public is supporting him, in the same way, Gandhi was right during the independence Movements and whole country was with him in the protest. It makes me laugh of my foolish Indian brothers and sisters. On one hand they say, Anna Hazare is right and at the same time, they say Gandhi was wrong. And Anna Hazare himself says that he his following Gandhi and his principles. Pity on such people, who could not recognise two differs faces of the same coin.

It has been as if we know the reality but we don’t want to accept it. The whole world praises Mahatma Gandhi and we call him guilty for various important political decisions of India’s history. From today’s point of view, they may be wrong, but what decisions he took at that time, were most suitable and apt for those conditions and situations. What we need to learn and understand right now is, before coming to any kind of conclusion, we must weigh our thoughts and must be aware of the condition in which concerned person took those decisions. Before commenting on others’ life, better walk in their shoes for a while....!

-Deepak Jaybhay

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Comment by Deepak Jaybhay on July 4, 2011 at 6:08am
Thank U very much Balaji Sir. Thank you that you read this blog and found it worth commenting. I am really obeliged.
Comment by Balamurali Balaji on June 30, 2011 at 1:22pm

Dear Deepak,


Very great and simple thoughts you have putforth about Mahatma Gandhi and his glory in these days. It is highly appreciable that you have enlisted some simple facts such as the popularity of his autobiography, a film on GandhiGiri and a living model's protest for materialising Gandhi.


I hope the Young India of these days would have more such inspirations like you!





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