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Comment by David Slesinger on October 24, 2011 at 14:33

Americans and even many Indians are afraid to examine the scientific evidence that 9/11 was a false flag operation. We all know the towers fell straight down from videos. They certainly didn't fall over. The official explanation is fire. Fire meanders in burning buildings and cannot be controlled in a precise manner. For a skyscraper to fall symmetrically there must be precision destruction, which can only be achieved with explosives. Almost no member of Gandhitopia has yet acknowledged the correctness of this logic. 

Americans have the excuse that they refuse to consider their country's leaders can be that evil. There is no excuse for refusal to face this logic for my friends from India.


Little children in junior high throughout the world will eventually understand this logic for the rest of history. Why can't people who really understand science face this truth?


One possible reason is the widespread nature of Islamaphobia. Westerners are more generally brazen and openly admit bias against Muslims. Hindu admirers of Gandhi are too conscious to make Islamaphobic comments, but since Hindus and Muslims have historically been so much at odds, Hindu admirers of Gandhi must face the possibility that this is the reason they hesitate to face this truth.

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