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by Jeff Knaebel on the 90th day of his paperless stateless freedom
17 September 2009
Through the deliverance of India, I seek to deliver the races of earth from the crushing heels of Western exploitation (Mahatma Gandhi in Tendulkar, 1960)…

Let us learn from English rulers the fact that the oppressors are blind to the enormity of their own misdeeds (Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi)…

The builders of the British India Empire have patiently built its four pillars – the European interests, the military establishment, the Indian princes, and the communal divisions (Mahatma Gandhi in Tendulkar 1960)…

The divorce of intellect from body labour has made us the shortest – lived, most resource less and most exploited nation on earth (Mahatma Gandhi in Tendulkar,1960)…

A living faith cannot be manufactured by the rule of majority (Collected Works)…

Legal imposition avoids the necessity of honour of good faith (Collected Works)…

Freedom is like a birth. Till we are fully free, we are slaves (Collected Works).

We got underway from Smaspur toward Gumthala at 0419 hrs.

Arriving at 0701, we met our host Sri Rajiv Singh, Sarpanch.

Our scheduled presentation at the local school was cancelled due to an extension of the period of examinations.

Master jai Bhagwan led a group discussion and distributed our literature.

Here below is a verbatim transcription from the bulletin board of the Gandhi College of Pharmacy, Karnal. Never has such a thing been seen by this writer in any American institution of higher learning.

Gandhi College of Pharmacy, Karnal

1. Along with subjects of knowledge, cultivate ethical, spiritual and moral values.
2. Cultivate commendable virtues, mould yourselves into ideal men and women, promote the happiness of your parents and be an example to others through your holy thoughts and deeds.
3. You must be ever alert on the road to goodness, usefulness and happiness. Do not allow the slightest blemish to enter your tender bright minds.
4. Learn lessons of detachment, loving service, fraternity, humanity, sincerity, fortitude, fearlessness.
5. March from smaller truth to bigger truth until you reach ultimate truth.
6. Do not delay your journey by discontent, anger, restlessness. Your security, progress, and peace lies in the dharma of your studies.
7. Your heart must become more expansive, your intelligence sharp and clear, for you have great things to do for yourself and humanity.
8. Imbibe ideals of duty, devotion and discipline. Devotion is tested in the crucible of discipline. Devotion must be to duty.
9. Do not stuff your head with trivialities of the media and absurd details of public lives. Do not get excited with external events.


In the afternoon we walked to Jathalana where we were hosted by Sri Subash Sharma. Our arrival time of 1858 hrs precluded a public program – Jai Bhagwan led a discussion group.

We slept on an open porch with our charpoys jammed together such that we could get on and off only at one end.

It appears to Jeff that his skin infection is subcutaneous worms which will require medical attention.

Today we walked 22km – tally 563

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