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We entered the stage of Consciousness some time ago. The transformation of the global consciousness already started. More and more people like you are looking for the truth.

This transformation is happening in you.

And there is certain urgency , because we are living in a critical time in the history of humanity. The old state of consciousness or better unconsciousness is no longer working. It is becoming increasingly destructive! If there is no shift
in consciousness, humanity will be self-destructive and there will only be
survive or die!

The old answers have no value

There is a deeper reason for the evolutionary impulse. The new stage of consciousness wants to evolve. This power comes even where there are no words. But it is present!

More and more people wake up between 3.30am and 4.30am. This is the time when the power of consciousness (name it God, Source or Universe) tries to connect with us. Instead of getting
up and putting the light on, stay in bed, be open for the thoughts you have
now. This is inspiration pure!

The power of consciousness is working through this form, this body and working through you also. It is the same power than in the collective consciousness. It wants to change. Be open
for this evolution. Cooperate with it rather than fight it!

Enter the new stage of consciousness and save humanity!

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Comment by Dr Bhabani Dikshit on April 14, 2010 at 21:45
Hi Angela!
I tried to grasp the thoughts you captioned as the truth of the presence.It is thought provoking and quite interesting.
Best wishes...

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