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The Prism of Love: An exploration of love and quantum physics

Ever since I was a little kid I always wondered about the world we live in. I read books on Einstein and watched all sorts of documentaries about the origins of the universe and how the universe organizes itself. However, there was one question I couldn't really figure out at the time, how does physics apply to the way we live? I never really found the answer to that question until I started exploring my own spirituality. I grew up in a spiritual family but I never went as deep as Gandhi and King did. (I'm getting deeper though. Everyday is a new day for exploration.) What I've found through my spiritual journey is the world we live in is formed by how we observe then act on it.

Now for many of you reading this, you probably already know this. What I'm talking about is an idea that has existed for thousands of years. The world we observe is observed in our mind. Our mind has the potential to observe any situation through a multitude of ways. When a person is grumpy, they tend to get annoyed when someone is asking them simple questions, even though the person is doing nothing wrong. When someone is happy they can laugh at things they would have never thought they would laugh at. How we observe things helps to define how we act.

Now to the big question. How does this apply to physics? Quite simple really. Light. Light is a form of energy that contains the principles of a wave and a particle. How we observe it determines whether it is a wave or particle. When we put light through a prism it is a wave that shows itself in the color of a rainbow. When we put it though slits it becomes a particle. This is interesting and this simple observation helped to pave the way for the field of quantum physics. How we look at light helps to determine how light will act.There is one thing we must remember though, whether we view it as a particle or wave, light is still light.

Now applying quantum properties to the macro world is a little difficult. I'll try my best to describe how I feel quantum properties can be applied, so here we go. First off we must recognize the fact how we feel usually determines how we observe. As I explained earlier, a person can be in a grumpy mood and annoyed by the simplest of things which wouldn't usually bother a person. How we feel/observe determines how we act. However, I believe there are two key feelings which many of our other feelings derive from. Those two key feelings are fear and love.

The reason I've chosen these two feelings is simple. Love is the force which makes us act on issues and deal with people. As Martin Luther King jr. famously said "Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend." Fear is the force that stifles us from confronting those issues. As Franklin Delano Roosevelt famously said "So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance." Our world seems to be a constant struggle between fear and love. Those who are afraid of change and those who change the world because they love it. As I've said earlier, how we observe/feel determines how we act. To help further understand this lets look at an issue that has been dominating America politics, immigration.

There are two primary views for the issue of immigration in America. One view is that the immigrants are nothing more than leaches sucking off of our social safety net causing America to go into debt. (This is not an exaggeration, I've seen plenty of things viewing immigrants this way)  In this view the immigrant is the problem. The other view is that these immigrants are sacrificing their time, dignity and even their freedom to pick tomatoes for $0.5 a basket just so they can give their children a better life. People with this perspective argue the only reason immigration is a problem is because the system is broken with no fault to the immigrants.  One position looks at the immigrant as the problem, the other looks at the system as the problem. I'm guessing many of you can already assume which position is based off of fear and which position is based off of love. When we look at issues through fear, we begin to rationalize things differently than we would normally. Now there is nothing wrong with being rationale, however, we must never forget that a person can almost rationalize anything with enough thought no matter how terrible the idea. A fear focus of issues causes us to become apart from things rather than a part of things. Buying tomatoes at the local grocery store doesn't apply to the grander scheme of things with a fear focus. Even if it does it's a negative focus. Illegal immigrants continue to be leaches sucking off the wealth of America. When looking at it through a focus of love, one begins to understand that buying tomatoes is part of the issue of immigration. Some person had to pick those tomatoes and most likely they were an illegal immigrant. The person who picked the tomato has provided a service for you through their work. The works of a person deserve just compensation when looking at an issue through love. Fear dehumanizes while love connects humanity.

Since we have a better understanding of fear and love let's turn or attention to just love. Love is a feeling so powerful that it has shaped the world in much more meaningful and long lasting ways. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, "Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and myself have founded empires.  But upon what did we rest the creation of our genius?  Upon force.  Jesus Christ founded an empire upon love; and at this hour millions of men would die for Him.” For Christians, Christ is God's proof to the world of an eternal and divine love. A love which inspires us to pursue justice for the poor and oppressed. One cannot claim to be a Christian without love. A person can say they believe Christ was the savior of our sins but one doesn't begin to be like Christ until they love. Christians are supposed to view the world through Christ and act accordingly. For me, Christ is the human/divine representation of love on this planet. Similar to Hindism and Krishana. Through love we begin to understand. Through love, we tackle our issues. It doesn't mean the world will be an easy place. Jesus used the mustard seed to describe the kingdom of heaven which is a kingdom based off of love. It takes time and patience to grow the seed but eventually it will blossom. Many people seem to have forgotten this. We tend to want to give up and not deal with the drama involved. I've noticed in America, drama is considered a bad thing. But drama really isn't anything more than a way to break through the tension of a problem. When things get tough, love is what gets us through. Fear stops us from dealing with a problem when we need to have courage to face it. There is no courage in fear, love is the provider of courage for love provides all that is good.

America is in a great spiritual decline. While many flock to the churches and praise Jesus, they tend to use it to make themselves feel superior while stomping on others. They have forgotten the most important part of the Lord's prayer, "On earth as it is in Heaven." However, I have hope. I've noticed a yearning for spiritual development in America, one that isn't of the conservative evangelical Christian. However, many people aren't drawn to Christianity because of the conservative evangelical movement and the view that it's archaic. What I'm trying to provide is a way for people to view spirituality through a more modern sense. We are just like light, how we observe helps to determine how we act. People throughout the world need to focus on issues through a prism of love. Through love, we can observe the great diversity of the world and understand the problems we face. Just as a prism can show us the hidden beauty of white light, love can show us the beauty in all people, no matter who they are.

Hope you all enjoyed my first post! I plan on continuing to write more about this in future blog posts and I hope many of you can contribute to the ideas I've presented.

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