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I read a lot of comments about Gandhi's philosophy.
Gandhi saw the word philosophy as being pretentious and said that all he had done was to conduct experiments in both Truth and Non Violence on as large a scale as possible, he admitted that sometimes he had made mistakes but that he had learned by those mistakes and most often would do Penance for those mistakes. He always held fast to the fact that TRUTH can never be sacrificed or compromised for any reason whatsoever.
People are suffering in our world and words like philosophy don't help them to gain some form of control over their lives. They cannot eat words and cannot drink words. It is necessary to get down from our pedestals and go and visit with the poor and experience their hardships and sorrows.
Gandhi did not have a philosophy as such he had an insatiable LOVE for humanity.
It is possible to see God by looking into the eyes of the POOR.


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Comment by William F. Horan Jr. on January 11, 2010 at 21:42
Dear Garvin,
The following is an attempt to apply Gandhi's principles for a close association with the poor,- to the Catholic School System here in the USA:

A "preferential option for the poor" should be maintained in our Catholic
Schools. If we find that we cannot afford to keep our schools open to the
poor, the schools should be closed and the resources used for something else
which can be kept open to the poor. We cannot allow our Church to become a
church primarily for the middle-class and rich while throwing a bone to the
poor. The priority should be given to the poor even if we have to let the
middle-class and rich fend for themselves.
Practically speaking, the Catholic Schools must close and the resources
used for "Confraternity of Christian Doctrine" and other programs which can
be kept open to the poor. Remember, the Church managed without Catholic
Schools for centuries. We can get along without them today. The essential
factor is to cultivate enough Faith to act in the Gospel Tradition, namely,
THE POOR GET PRIORITY. The rich and middle-class are welcome too. But the
poor come first.
Comment by Arya Bhushan Bhardwaj on January 10, 2010 at 6:51
Very well said Gravin, I fully appriciate and my moral support with you always. Blessings.
Comment by Christopher Wroth on January 9, 2010 at 5:29
Garvin ~ Thank you for your post, and thank you for your walking. Best of luck to you this March-April. Your comments remind me of something often said by Greg Mortenson about his work building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan: "To fight poverty you have to smell poverty, you have to see poverty, you have to taste poverty." ~ Chris

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