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The Nonviolence Movement against the "Star Wars Project" in Czech Republic

Press Release of the Nonviolence Movement against the Radar
Prague - April 4, 2009

Members of the Nonviolence Movement have hung a banner from one of Prague's bridges just hours before planned visit of US President Barack Obama. The banner read "Yes, we can - say no to U.S. military base" in reference to Obama's election campaign slogan.

"We are welcoming US President in Prague and his policy of nuclear disarmament," said Jan Tamas, spokesman of the movement, "But at the same time we have shown our firm intention to not accept military troops of foreign powers on our territory."

The Nonviolence Movement supports Obama's nuclear disarmament policy and asks him to stop the "Star Wars" in Eastern Europe.

On the 4th and 5th of April, on the occasion of President Obama's visit, the movement is organizing many activities to show that there is great opposition in the Czech Republic against the installation of a permanent US military base. One of those activities is a happening "The Invisibles" that will take place on Sunday morning. "The Invisibles are more than 70% of the Czech population who do not want the military radar base. The Invisibles are the 99% of the worldwide population that does not want wars and aspires to peace," added Tamas.

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The Nonviolence Movement formed from the activity of a group of Czech humanists in December 2007. It aims to nonviolently oppose the US missile defense base planned to be installed in the Czech Republic. The movement gained wider recognition with the hunger strike of two of its members Jan Tamas and Jan Bednar in May 2008, the following sequential hunger strike with more than 300 participants, as well as several international conferences focused on the topic of US Missile Defense and disarmament.

For more information contact:

Jan Tamáš, Ph.D., tel. +420 776 785 839

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