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"I hold that he who invented the atom bomb has committed the gravest sin in the world of science.  The only weapon that can save the world is non-violence.  Considering the trend of the world, I might appear a fool to everyone; but I do not feel sorry for it.  I rather consider it a great blessing that God did not make me capable of inventing the atom bomb." - Talk with Englishmen (G.), Biharni Komi Agman, pp. 253-4 (from The Essential Writings of Mahatma Gandhi edited by Raghavan Iyer)

I am not capable of inventing the atom bomb.  I am, however, capable of loading an atom bomb on an airplane, strapping in the pilots, starting the engines, and taxiing the plane out of the bunker it was stored in, and I have done just that.

The birth of my biological daughter and son were paid for because I could do that.  My home loan was cheaper and my loan was guaranteed because I could do that.  My health insurance is paid for because I could do that.  I can be buried in a hero's grave because I did that.

I have practiced the end of the world, many, many times.

At the time, I thought my motives were good.  I was not a patriot protecting my country, I was a husband supporting his family.

I didn't think I had any other options at the time, and I am not ashamed that I made that choice.

But the sin is a heavy weight.

A heavy weight that has opened my eyes to what I believe to be the true path; non-violence.

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