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Comment by Balamurali Balaji on July 1, 2011 at 14:40

Sustaining the addiction!


If the world goes by the words of McLuhan’s, “we become what we behold…” most of the people would never be humane since the world unfolds to us is full of technologies, machines and tools. The increased in-human incidents happening around the world everyday reflects the changing face of the human side in all walks of life. It has become a way of life to go with the science and technology due to the fact that human has to discover things around him both visible and invisible. He consistently put his efforts in finding the much intriguing issues of human life like life after death, existence of God, Space and Alien life.


While scientists and innovators in these areas of study do a greater research and inventions, some of us are taking the same spirit and attitude with the other facets of life leading to a much mechanized, technology-oriented, science dominated life. Countries like the U.S.A, Australia etc are keen on setting high towards such ultra-modernized, technology-intense, alternative ways of living that actually been the result of desire for sustaining economic supremacy.


It must be acknowledged by the whole mankind to “Put human first… “; and next only to rest of the things what man has invented or transformed to meet his intellectual progress and needs. It must be valued with a caring and sensible approach.


Mastering technology has become inevitable in certain perspectives nowadays to seek a better livelihood, yet one can’t refuse the fact that automation and reliance on machines and tools have not swept away or enslaved the human altogether if we look at the deeply into the path the human is setting for. Technology is not our master, but we are mastering over it. It is a sort of compulsion for some and an infatuation for some others. Anyways, the addiction and affinity towards the technology puts our future at stake, leaving a fearful thought about where this growing trend would end.


Today’s rural population has become a prey to what the urban intellectuals are destined to. They are exposed to all sorts of innovative technologies in all walks of life and shall not be perceived as a destructive invasion. A rural man still has a little hope to keep his integrity intact irrespective of any dominance of technological wave that otherwise would have swallowed the innate elements of nature and rural heritage.


The hope is: The drift in the civilization and urban modernization with a technological impact has little to do with rural population as they simply migrating to cities to avail a taste of it. Rural towns are still left behind, trying to restore and uphold the older values and life styles all the time that ought to be saved, even in the bigger Asian countries like India and China that are known for their civilization.


Life need not be seen with a granulated, microscopic view as we have centuries of excellence in maintaining our culture, society, lifestyle or religion. Lets’ hope the human kind would have a balanced life forever with this understanding.

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