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“Right to Technology Act (RTA)” has been here around for debate on giving complete access and right to use technology and scientific products by everyone in the country. Even the last of the citizen in our country can have the right to buy, sell, avail and if possible, create technological products irrespective of his caste, creed, religion, race, gender or place of origin. The Government of India is trying to see this as their technological goal to provide all its services in technology, communications and innovations. Computers, Cell phones, mobile and wireless networks, radio and television broadcasting etc. etc.. -  All common to all people unless until these are not feasible economically by an individual.


When a friend asked me about my use of computers and online forums, at once I thought of this act which gives the basic right to access technology as I indicated to him about the minimal use of technology to stay in the current era of highly modernized world even though I am working up on Gandhian philosophy.. Even as the IT background of mine doesn’t come to salvage from this repeatedly asked question, it is not that easy to convince others of the difference of following a creed and using a utility. I feel like saying about the importance of communicating, sharing and exchanging of information and views in today’s world to keep our spirit alive.

There are many remote villages in the country which still do not have mobile phones and cable television networks while the same is available in excess in other areas. It might be due to economic and geographical non-feasibility but those who have access to technology shall not be denied for any reason. Private ISPs, mobile networking companies are increasingly expanding their reach to provide their services to the remotest people to the best of the feasibility. Denying access to such technological utilities due to any political conflicts must be strongly objected. Equality of Technology shall very much be given concern just as we speak and seek for Equality of religion, Gender Equality and equality in other diversities.

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