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a few years ago, the un declared october 2, gandhi-ji's birthday, international day of nonviolence, which this year seems to be coming into its own, coinciding with 2010's great anti-war rallies. without seeming curt and detracting, top down un authoritarian tapping has soft meaning. plus anyone has a birthday, even jesus, and being born is really not anything the person achieved in life.
when we first decided on october 2, 2006 to read poetry at the san francisco gandhi statue behind the ferry building on the embarcadero, peace for keeps also decided to hold the press conference on 9/11, which high and behold, was the 100th anniversary of gandhi-ji declaring the doctrine of satyagraha, nonviolent action of many distinctions, including love in action by dr. martin luther king, jr., to protest oppression of indian workers in south africa. this became the inspiration for the civil rights and anti war movements, among others, during the gandhian 20th century.
this year, we will take back gandhi's 9/11 from 6:-7:30 pm at the san francisco statue as a turning. i believe 9/11 must become the peoples' world day of nonviolence, and indeed serve as a holy day to take back our shattered democracy. it took over 40 years for india to achieve home rule, and we may be facing the same time of nonviolent retrieval. we should consider OUR 9/11 as a focus and fulcrum at all dozen or so u.s. gandhi statues--from boston to hawaii--for 2011's 10th anniversary of the twin towers catastrophe. i shall be shaping and sharing my notions as the months go by.
arnie passman
peace for keeps

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Comment by David Slesinger on September 5, 2010 at 14:38
I am pleased with your interest in 9/11. I am eager to hear how you stand on the disagreement between most peace activists and the 911truth movement. Because I understand satyagraha to mean " holding fast to the truth" or "putting one's whole weight on the truth." it would be less that gandhian to avoid addressing this disagreement.

I would describe the position of the peace movement as seeing 9/11truth as a distraction. This implies that the government lies associated with 9/11 are unworthy of investigation. My question to the peace movement is," How does one decide which government lies rise to the level of deserving investigation?" I would suggest Gandhi-ji would take the position that all lies deserve being addressed.

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