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The key concept that Gandhi had been emphasising was how to achieve Swaraj. This concept was first said in Vedas, the books of Knowledge Within. The simple meaning of Swaraj is how to control oneself without the fear of outwardly force which is called State Power. From time immemorial, it has been the collective persuation of human beings, which unfortunately has not been fully achieved. Some individuals did try and got success from time to time. For example some Rishis from the time of Vedas down to Gandhi in the modren time, have been able to reach and tried to make it understand for the common masses. This is the point where Gandhi is relevent today. Unfortunately the followes of Gandhi could not understand and tried to propogate Gandhi in a compartmental way, and innocent man thought that Gandhi is outdated today.

Similar is the case with the concept of Swasthya. This concept has also its roots in Vedas. Ths science of Ayurveda has delt with this subject elobrately. The simple meaning of Swsathya is how one can live with his or her innerself. Therefore, both these concepts are interwoven. If someone does not know Innerself, how one can live with it and this wonder full Power for ruling over oneself and the Global Society today. This is the real puzle today. Most of us are unable to understand and beating about the bush.

Therefore, it is all the more imporent to understand these two basic consepts in the modren world where science and technology has brought revolutioary changes. Today we cannot live in System which is two an half centuries old and redendent. How the present day world leaders[sorry to call them missleaders] can rule over the world? The simple technique is that we have to move from Horizental Development to Vertical Growth simulteniously. Th simple way is to start thinking positively. This the basic limitation with the present political systems that it is mostly based on without thinking or negetive thinking. This is how so called democratic system has been operating in the world today.

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