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March 1, 2014

By: Dominic Jermano

Given the uncertainty of the world’s weather and the inability to control the seasonal patterns, mankind is subjected to constant war and upheaval in producing Food and Grains for planet earth that contains a likelihood of over 6 billion people.

The Agriculture War is between not only man and nature, but also between each other. We have an unending need for energy resources that are needed to grow food, with the hope of sustainable rain, and sunshine. Nations prepare to go to War to control Oil resources beneath the ground, to be used in the bigger Agriculture War to feed their people, as they strive for a higher and better standard of living.

The Agriwar is fighting many enemies at the Front Lines to include The Industrial Complex, The Military Complex, The Stock Exchange, The Market of Supply and Demand, Global Warming, The Lack of Political Leadership, To End Unemployment, To Create Jobs that support Defense for Agriculture Survival, Subsidies to help Producers, To Acquire Money for Growing and Crop Insurance, Land and Space Availability, The Weather and Seasonal Cycles, Energy Resources, Harvesting and Storage, The Preservation of Grains, Recycling and Waste Stream Management, Incineration Regulation and Controls, Pesticide and Fertilizer Production and Distribution Controls, Food Distribution, Transportation and Regional Production, Maintenance, and foremost the type of Government per any given nation。

Global Warming caused by the Industrial and Technology Complex changes the weather creating more drought conditions in regions and Floods in others. Grains are harvested and placed in Silo’s that have a limited life span for use in quality because it becomes moldy due to the inability to maintain dry conditions.

Mankind gobbles up huge amounts of electricity to not only Grow but also Preserve Food, using Refrigeration to Freezing not only in Supermarkets but also in your own home.

Agriculture in its War to Feed the World also contributes to Global Warming. Mankind is on the road to an imminent collapse, because all the energy resources we take out of the ground whether it is coal or oil, becomes less and less each and every day, while the Population increases faster than when people die. Mankind is left wondering which is worse, using up all the Oil and Coal, or choking to death from the Air Pollution caused by that use, cooking the Planet to its end from Global Warming.

The inability of Universities and Education to change in order to slow this down or reverse it so we are not carelessly using up all the energy resources by polluting the earth’s atmosphere so badly thereby causing Global Warming, validates the perception that Universities are worthless and only handout meaningless credentials in the real world creating students with careers that lead to a dismal end along with all the rest of mankind and humanity.

The good news is I have a Secret Weapon, my Invention. I have invented a means to produce Electricity. It is a new machine and method I have designed that runs non-stop 24 hours a day. It does not use any combustible resource making it pollution free. It is better than using Solar Power, because it runs day or night, and is better than Wind Power, because it can run effortlessly in a calm windless room. It is much safer than using Nuclear Power, which has all kinds of horrible toxic possible radiation consequences that could happen on any given day, and lasts for thousands of years.

This means my Invention is also RISK free.

It can produce heat to heat up water for Steam Generators, and can very easily replace all Coal Furnaces in Major Corporate, Public or Private Electric Plants, which would create the greater load and power distribution AMPS throughout the Grid in any given Region.

The Invention, I have called The Flying GEM-G., (Gyro Electric Machine-Generator) also known as GTI: Gyro-Tech Indiana, runs as smooth as a Swiss Watch. Maximum Speed 65 mph

Since this machine runs non-stop 24 hours daily pollution free, it becomes very inexpensive in creating electricity. The ability to have pollution free electricity makes it possible to create large Drying Silo’s that keep moisture and mold out thereby preserving Grains, Wheat, Rye, Barley, Corn etc. This provides a means to control the Commodity Supply and provide resting time for land rotations in growing grains. This means we have a means to slow down the Agriculture WAR. And we have a means to preserve Grains in the event of Emergencies caused by floods and droughts.

It means we can limit and wisely manage how much Fertilizer, Pesticides and Chemicals to use. It also means we slow down the use and consumption of Oil and Coal, leaving that supply to our Military to defend our Legitimate Democratic Country from Communists, Dictators, and Theocracies that don’t believe in God and Jesus Christ.

We now have a means to power our Refrigerators and Freezers and Driers Pollution free, and have the power to run Fans and Air Conditioners for our Greenhouses.

What is really great is my Invention the Flying GEM-G can also produce a new endless Fuel Supply to power our Cars, Trucks, Buses, Trains, Boats, Ships and Planes. It can produce Hydrogen Gas pollution free and virtually at zero cost, given the original cost in producing my Invention is only approximately $2,000 USD per machine. The ability to use my Invention to create hydrogen through the use of Electrolysis brings us to the Summit of Financial Economic and Environmental Security.

Because it can produce Hydrogen it also produces Oxygen. Instead of polluting the air with Coal and Oil, my Secret Weapon –Invention- the Flying GEM-G creates and produces new air for our Planet Earth. This Electricity Machine helps Trees, Forests and Plants replenish the Oxygen supply on earth.

Those Politicians and Administrators who would prefer to continue on the Oil Consumption Road because of the Money are sealing their own caskets and Fate destroying future generational human rights. Oil needs not to be wasted away, but wisely managed for the Defense of Legitimate Democratic Nations in the world.

It is my hope to acquire the help from the Economic Departments and the Church to bring forth my secret weapon and invention to combat the Enemies that lead mankind down the road to doom.

I want to gain the support from wise business people and legitimate politicians to bring and use this for our own sensible States of mind. This is a good thing and I believe a real blessing. I want to live in France, and help bring this to the Aid and Security of Europe.

In closing I wish to state that this Invention has several other attainable attributes such as its ability to produce Water, and be used for sustaining life on other Planets in our Solar System.

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