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We, the ordinary human beings, have complex characteristics contrary to all other animals who are simple in nature and direct in their behavioural attitude. Even though we outwardly exhibit strength, encourage, power etc. we are actually meek, mild and timid. Under the adverse condition, under a difficult situation, we get confused and exhibit hopelessness, helplessness, despair and despondency. We fail to recognise what is correct or what is incorrect, and what we should do or what we should not. We go to a stage of mental paralysis and thereby surrender to the situation. But again, there come some crazy personalities; men and women of character, some oblong thinking people having divergent views;(views divergent to that of the prevailing society)who clear our mind, dispel our doubt, pull us out of our uncertainties and gloom and guide us from darkness to light, meanness to greatness and consequently from unhappiness to happiness.

When the young, frail brown barrister from Inner Temple was thrown out from a 1st class railway carriage for being a non-white in the dead hours of a cold dark night on 7th June,1893 at some obscure railway station in South Africa; to be precise at Pierermaritzburg; he escaped to a distant dark corner of the deserted railway waiting room to avoid further humiliation and sat there quivering out of humiliation and shivering out of cold, throughout the night with only thoughts of humiliation, and suppressed anger as his companion. Mohan (he was not Gandhiji then, not even Mahatma, leave aside Bapu ) had two options. Either to sacrifice his self-respect, sallow his humiliation and join the vast stream of brown coolies who went there ( South Africa), for a living or to fight, fight back, not with his tormentors, but with the system—the system which caused him to be thrown out, a system which separated human being on the basis of the color of their skin. He chooses the latter. Roauseau’s concept of free man was born that night. He fought against an evil system of governance that we call colonialism, he fought against another evil system of discrimination on the basis of color of skin, that we call apartheid, and he fought it against the mightiest of the empires that ever ruled our world, under a trying condition with all difficulties. Yet he won. In the process, he also won millions of hearts of both his friends and adversaries. He taught us a very simple lesson by setting an example through his own action. Wherever you see an evil, fight it, fight it with all your strength, with all your determination, with all your courage , with all your passion, with all your energy, but, with an open mind, with a compassionate heart, with a clear conscience and with full conviction for the cause, in a non-violent way. His simple message for this was- “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Yes, we can overcome all hurdles, all obstacles, all resistances and can win provided we show the strength of character. 


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