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Actually speaking, Economics is just the way how Society manages its day to day socio-economic and political affairs in this World. It has little to do with spiritual side of the human life. From time immemorial, there have been some basic guide-lines to run the earthly life, simpley, smoothly and peacefully. With the advent of Industrial Revolution in Europe, in the Eightenth Century, there has been a revolutionary change in the human mentelity. More and more material-oriented competetive life has been the central gole. This braught two new social values. One was outwardly social-status
-consciousness and other was compititive Economics.

There was nothing wrong in these new social values. But the result was that human being started folowing only horizental development-progress paradime blindly. It resulted in slowly forgetting the hard-fact that human being is gifted with multidimentional-growth faculties also, and not only horizental development-progress paradime only.. These two factors have changed the entire social-structure and diamentions on the whole globe. The new phenomenon that had emerged was the so called Democracy, that is, the rule of the majority over the minority. It looks very fine from outside World. People at large, supposedely taken for granted to be in its favour.

But the hidden fact was quite opposit.When human beeng started becoming conscious of Democracy and there by of his/her false pride of freedom of outwardly expressons, all the socio-economic pattren got changed. Ordinary people got more and more busy and lost in earning their daily bread by all sort of means. No time was left with them for thinking. Much less space was there for Positive Thinking. On the other hand microscopic-minority of the elites put their whole thinking to horizental development-progress paradime. Human psycology has changed altogather. There is hardely any space left for Positive Thinking for either for the masses or for the elite-classes. This is what the over all view of the whole globe. What else could be expected other than what we have been helplessly witnessing? Increasing indvidual and social violence and widening gulf between the haves and havenots. Miseries are increasing, the "Dukhha", in Gautom Buddha's words.

The positive side is that there are few groups that are still there and sinsearly trying to Think Positivly and putting their heads together to break present impasse. This Seminar is an example in that direction.The traditional word 'Spiritual' has been confined to as the agenda for the 'Other World'..It has very little to do with the present World. Though thousands of institutionalised religious groups all over the World have been spending tons of money to keep their name alive.

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