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Some Jantars* and Mantars for the Anna Hazare movement

Congress spokesman Manish Tewari suddenly labelling the "immensely respected" Anna Hazare as a "maverick" & "RSS agent" is definitely a sign of cold feet. Even in the 1970s, it was this party's (Indira Gandhi's) knee-jerk Emergency rule that revived the dying RSS, jailing activists and making heroes out of spent leaders like Advani & Vajpeyi.
As in Tahrir square, a corrupt régime's secret hope (or strategy) would be that participants would commit violence (as too often in Palestine, Kashmir) so that the movement could be quickly labelled terrorist, Naxalite, RSS, etc. and legitimately crushed by the state's always-stronger violence. 
Great things seem possible if imagination and creativity infects this movement. Gene Sharp's handbook of non-violent revolution, as everywhere recently, can be a key source, especially the "198 Methods". See (and do pass on) :
* The Jantar-Mantar Observatory in Delhi, HQ of the movement, is an instrument ("jantar", from yantra) to help map our way. Some key Mantars (mantras, formulas) are therefore worth recalling.

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