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Society and culture are the two spheres connected with human life, which decide the present and the future of man.  All possibilities of man’s development, his standard of living and future prospects, depend upon organization of society he lives in, and culture that he follows. Along with this, society and culture also contribute significantly towards safety of human existence.

Scope of the both, society and culture is sanguine. Most of the subjects related to man’s life are within the ambit of society economic, material, physical, political and scientific affairs in particular. The core issues of man’s survival such as equality, empowerment, freedom, justice, livelihood, peace and harmony are, without a doubt, social subjects. Man is a social animal, these issues are, therefore, very important for him as they play the vital role in making life dynamic, growth-oriented and meaningful.

Society and culture are inseparably connected to each-other. Values, nationalism, morality, art and literature, aesthetic etc. are the aspects of culture that contribute immensely in the making of an egalitarian, dynamic and progressive society. The role of these subjects remains, without a doubt, vital in making the social order welfaristic and prosperous.

Hence, society and culture, both, are the backbone of man’s life. Besides being intertwined and inter-connected to one-another, these play a key role in man’s progress and development.



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